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Projects in Zambia
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This page is a listing of all Projects in Zambia.

If you served in Zambia, please create a page on your project. Thanks!

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(10) Zambia_projects in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: If you did a project in Peace Corps, please add your project to the Peace Corps Wiki, it's useful to identify the community in the "project name." If a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

Name of community was Name of region was Lastname Is from state Funds community contributed Funds needed were Funds requested were Year of approval was
Kanoni School for the Future Kanoni Golding 1846.321,846.32 35993,599 35993,599 2450814.51998
Chiundaponde Construction of Library and Resource Center Chiundaponde Harris Washington 26052,605 2452640.52003
Munyambala Educational Resource Building Munyambala Merrick 44104,410 37103,710 40104,010 2452640.52003
Rural Health Clinic Zambia 2 Belcher Alabama 1061610,616 1183711,837 1736717,367 2454466.52008
Rural education development in Zambia Blackwell Maryland 15151,515 29742,974 39993,999 2454466.52008
Community Pre-school and Library Zambia Haug 35523,552 39753,975 39953,995 2454466.52008
Rural Health Clinic Zambia Rakowski 738738 15801,580 20802,080 2454832.52009
Community Pre-school and Library Haug Virginia 35523,552 37853,785 39953,995 2454832.52009

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