Youth Camps - To and Gambo

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Youth Camps - To and Gambo
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Project Type(s):

Country: Burkina_Faso
Volunteer(s) Name: S Tackett
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Kansas
Funds community contributed: $1, 449.00
Percentage community contributed: 44%
Funds needed were: $1, 120.00
Funds requested were: $1, 825.00
PPCP #: 686-086
Year of project approval: 2005
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Info about the Youth Camps - To and Gambo

The Youth Camps that will be conducted in To and Gambo will be geared for minimally educated male youths from these villages. These camps will not only introduce these boys to life skills taught in secondary schools but will also examine their future roles as community and family leaders, with a focus on health, education, and agriculture. The camp will also address important ideas, such as personal financing, goal setting, communication and relationships, problem solving skills, and the importance of the promotion of gender equality.

Each camp will be held in the village or regional capitol before March. The participants will be chosen by community members. Partnership funds will be used for transportation costs, counterpart lodging, training materials, and closing ceremony activities. The community will be contributing the participant's lodging and seedlings for tree plantings.

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