Women's Education and Business Center

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Women's Education and Business Center
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Country: Vanuatu
Volunteer(s) Name: D Stogner
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Georgia
Funds community contributed: $1303.64
Percentage community contributed: 31%
Funds needed were: $2786.47
Funds requested were: $2786.47
PPCP #: 461-028
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Women's Education and Business Center

Women artisans in this part of Vanuatu have been organized since mid-2006. Currently the women’s group is compromised of approximately 40 women who are working in collaboration with a local fair trade organization. The vast majority of their products are baskets woven from the leaves of the pandanas tree. This provides them with their livelihood and the ability to provide their families with necessities such as soap, matches, food, and school fees. However they have been functioning without adequate facilities since they began. Now this group is facing a growing demand for the center to work in and store all of their products and materials. Pressure increases with the rising interest of more women desiring to take advantage of this opportunity. The leaders of this group have voiced this need and have developed a floor plan for an appropriate building to cater to their needs, as well as those of the women they serve and the entire community. Let’s help them achieve their dream.

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