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William Van Wick
Flag of Philippines.svg
Country Philippines
Site(s) Lagawe, Kalibo
Region(s) North Central Luzon, Central Visayas
Program(s) Agriculture
Assignment(s) Fisheries Fresh
Region: North Central Luzon
William Van Wyck
Region: Central Visayas
William Baker, William Van Wyck
Agriculture in Philippines:Agriculture.gif
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Projects in Philippines
Flag of Philippines.svg
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[edit] Description of Service

While working in Lagawe, Ifugao (North Central Luzon) I was assigned to Provincial Agriculture Office/Bureau of Aquatic Resources. This office further detailed me to work with Central Luzon State University as a site manager for a research station doing growth rate verification of Tilapia-Loach pond based polyculture. My primary function was to locate and develop a research station of 14-100 square meter tanks. I was transfered out of this assignment by the Peace Corps Medical Officer as we began our first stocking. The project continued for a number of years after I left.

My final 18 months were spent in Kalibo, Aklan (Central Visayas) where I was again assigned to the Provincial Agriculture Office. My work in Aklan focused on fisheries extension work, where I became active with a local prawn hatcheries and operators cooperative. I spent some time evaluating community based labs in other parts of the Philippines as part of background studies for building a fisheries pathology lab in Kalibo. This lab was awarded a US$250,000 USAID grant but work had not even begun as I approached my Close of Service (COS).

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