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William D Phelps
Flag of Poland.svg
Country Poland
Years: 1996-1999
Group Code Poland XII
Site(s) Gorzów Wielkopolski
Region(s) Eastern Europe/Central Asia
Program(s) Education
Assignment(s) English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
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William Phelps started in Poland 1996
William D. Phelps
Region: Eastern Europe/Central Asia
William D. Phelps
Education in Poland:Education.gif
Jenni Maxson, William D. Phelps
Other Volunteers who served in Poland
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Ray Doherty, Robert Lindstrom, Jenni Maxson, William D. Phelps
Projects in Poland
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I served as Secondary School TEFL volunteer in western Poland from June 1996 until July of 1999. Besides my teaching responsibilities, I did many things a typical high school teacher would do: chaperoned dances, helped prepare students for language competitions, etc. I was actually the fourth and final PCV to serve at my school, and I had the honor of getting my Polish counterparts to assume full control of a project (an international Model United Nations conference for high school students throughout Central Europe)that was created and maintained by my fellow PVCs. Andrew Bennett, working with our wonderful counterpart Bogna Ferensztajn, created the the project. After Andrew's service, Angel Pickett and Christine Padberg both worked hard to continue and to expand the conference with more students from numerous countries participating. During my years of service, I helped organize and gently assist my Polish colleagues in taking over the project. I am happy to report that the conference is still going strong.

I think this short anecdote illustrates precisely what the Peace Corps represents: Interaction with host country nationals that lead to gradual, incremental changes and projects that are self-sufficient and permanent. In western Poland, there are hundreds of high school students who attend this conference annually who are unaware that it was all started and fully developed by Peace Corps volunteers. And that is the way it should be.

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