Water Pump Replacement Belize

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Water Pump Replacement Belize
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Project Type(s): Project Sector(s): Water sanitation Water sanitation.gif

Community Name: Belize
Country: Belize
Volunteer(s) Name: M Phillips
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Texas
Funds community contributed: 2100
PPCP #: 535-147
Year of project approval: 2005
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Info about the Water Pump Replacement Belize

The rudimentary water system in a village in Belize, stopped working in August 2008. The village Water Board was hoping to make repairs to the current system, but when they pulled the pump from the well they discovered that the whole water pump system would have to be replaced. The primary purpose of this grant is to help the village purchase a water pump and motor as quickly as possible. The village itself has two hand pumps that are currently being used, but the majority of denizens are elderly and are unable to fetch water from these locations and, additionally, the water is not safe to drink. A few homes have water catchments that they allow villagers to use for drinking water, but with the dry season approaching, those stores are drying.

Due to these circumstances, the village Water Board is attempting to secure the funds necessary to purchase a new system. They are currently in position to pay for approximately half of the pump (2100 USD), but they need help paying for the remainder of the cost (2000 USD), as well as installation and delivery (500 USD) from Guatemala City to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, and across to Belize. Once the money for this grant is received, the villagers can order a pump from Guatemala and have it delivered to the village within a few days. The purchase of this pump will give the villagers easy access to potable water.

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