Water Catchment Systems

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Water Catchment Systems
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Project Type(s):

Country: Panama
Volunteer(s) Name: M Storey
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Maryland
Counterpart's Name: M Storey
Funds community contributed: $1169.50
Percentage community contributed: 27%
Funds needed were: $1468.25
Funds requested were: $3144.25
PPCP #: 525-112
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Water Catchment Systems

A small agrarian community in Panama suffers from a significant lack of potable water. This project aims to build 80 water catchment systems that will take advantage of the rains, collecting free, clean water from zinc rooftops and storing it in 55-gallon plastic barrels. The systems are simple to build, use community-accepted technology and are made from local materials. In addition, all of the barrels are made out of high quality plastics that do not decay, allowing for substantial longevity of these systems. According to calculations done by the local water committee, each system will provide sufficient drinking water for a family of up to ten people for nine months of the year, a substantial improvement over the current situation.

The primary goal of this project is to provide each family with a sustainable water catchment system. Secondary goals of this project include inspiring each family to improve their health by improving their living conditions, take advantage of assistance offered by the local cooperative, and participate more actively within the community.

The community is requesting the financial assistance to purchase and transport the materials required to build water catchment systems in 80 houses. The community will make a significant contribution in the form of materials and manual labor.

Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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