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Volunteers who served in Peace Corps
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This page is a listing of all the volunteers who have served in Peace Corps.

If you served in Peace Corps, please create a page on yourself. Thanks!

Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Firstname Lastname Started service in Ended service in Served in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Primary assignment was
Bill Plummer William Plummer 2439856.51968 2440587.51970 Afghanistan Education Other
Susan Estelle Ramsay Susan Ramsay 2441317.51972 2442048.51974 Afghanistan Education
Stephen Kutzy Stephen Kutzy 2442048.51974 Afghanistan Laghman Jowzjan
Henry Farrar Henry Farrar Afghanistan
Ron Dizon Ron Dizon 2440952.51971 2441683.51973 Afghanistan
Dan Hoogen Dan Hoogen 2441317.51972 2442048.51974 Afghanistan Jalalabad Nangarhar Education
Paul Sprachman Paul Sprachman 2440222.51969 2440952.51971 Afghanistan Ghazni Ghazni
Susan Sprachman Susan Sprachman 2440222.51969 2440952.51971 Afghanistan Ghazni Ghazni
Bonnie Thie Bonnie Thie 2440952.51971 2442413.51975 Afghanistan Faizabad
Badakshan Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Janet Colberg Janet Colberg 2439491.51967 2440222.51969 Afghanistan Lash Kar Gah Helmand Health
Veterinarian Arthur Eisenhower 2441683.51973 2442048.51974 Afghanistan Helmond Agriculture Animal Husbandry
Sustainable Agricultural Science
Randall E. Trudelle Randall E. Trudelle 2439856.51968
Kabul Kabul Education
Steve Colberg Steve Colberg 2439491.51967 2440222.51969 Afghanistan Lash Kar Gah Helmand Education
Denise Blake Denise Blake Afghanistan
Scott Phair Scott Phair 2442048.51974 2442413.51975 Afghanistan Kabul Kabul Education
Edward P. McDaid Edward McDaid 2438761.51965 2439491.51967 Afghanistan Kandahar
Janet Kutny Janet Kutny 2438761.51965 2439491.51967 Afghanistan Jalalabad Nangarhar Health
Suzanne Zaw Suzanne Zaw 2441317.51972 Afghanistan
Barbara Runyan Barbara Lee Runyan 2440222.51969 2440952.51971 Afghanistan Health
Cristina Prado Cristina Prado 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Albania
Steve Fields Steve Fields 2449718.51995 2450083.51996 Albania Maliq Agriculture
Justin Parmenter Justin Parmenter 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Albania Permet Gjirokastër Education
Ben Neimark Ben Neimark 2449718.51995 Albania Voskop Korçë Agriculture
Ken cantrell Ken Cantrell 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Albania Kreshpanj Korçë Agriculture
Kelly Alan O'Keeffe Kelly O'Keeffe 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Albania Saranda Vlorë Education
Hajenso Kenji Yamada 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Albania Peshkopi
Michael Miller Michael Miller 2449718.51995 Albania Babdud Karbonara Berat Education
Emily Haas Emily Haas 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Armenia Yeghegnadzor Vayots Dzor Environment Environmental Education
Nancy Reinhart Nancy Reinhart 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Armenia Jermuk Vayots Dzor Health
Danai Long Danai Long 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Gumri
Natalie Bryant Rizzieri Natalie Rizzieri 2452640.52003 2453371.52005 Armenia Kapan Health
Ijevan Armenia Tavush
Cat Cvengros Cat Cvengros 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Martuni Health
Karen Smith Karen Smith 2453371.52005 2454101.52007 Armenia Darbas
Brett W Holt Brett Holt 2453005.52004 2453371.52005 Armenia Alaverdi Lori Environment Environmental Education
Kenni Lou Walker Kenni Lou Walker 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Armenia Yerevan Health
Colleen Hardin Colleen Hardin 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Armenia Yeghegnadzor Education
Scott Guenthner Scott Guenthner 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Armenia Jermuk Vayots Dzor Health
Melanie Thompson Melanie Thompson 2451179.51999 Armenia
Akhurian Armenia Argats
Zachariah M. Brevis Zachariah Brevis 2451179.51999 2451910.52001 Armenia Goris Vayots Dzor Business
Dennis Price Dennis Price 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Stepanavan Business
Zachary Jean Chartkoff Zachary Chartkoff 2449718.51995 Armenia
Jeremy Richart Jeremy Richart 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Armenia Vayk Vayots Dzor Health
Barbara Eberhardt Barbara Eberhardt 2452640.52003 2453736.52006 Armenia Goris Education
Aaron Martinez Aaron Martinez 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Armenia Sevan Business
Jennifer Cochran Jennifer Cochran 2450083.51996 2450814.51998 Armenia Yeghegnadzor Education
Lisa Householder-Owsley Lisa Householder-Owsley 2450449.51997 2451179.51999 Armenia Sisian
Jesse Joseph Jesse Joseph 2453371.52005 Armenia
Chris Panzica Chris Panzica 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Aparan Health
Joel White Joel White 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Charentsavan Business
Laura Holt Laura Holt 2453005.52004 2453371.52005 Armenia Alaverdi Lori Education Primary Teacher/Training
Nick Giammaria Nick Giammaria 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Ijevan Environment
Allison Young Allison Young 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Berd Tavush Health
Andrew Golda Andrew Golda 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Armenia Dilijan Business
Will Dickinson Will Dickinson 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Jermuk
Vayots Dzor
John R. Tease John Tease 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Armenia Noyemberyan Tavush
Eli Waite Eli Waite 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Azerbaijan TBD
Erin Gockel Erin Gockel 2453736.52006 2454466.52008 Azerbaijan Göyçay Göyçay Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Rustin Johnson Rustin Johnson 2453736.52006 2454466.52008 Azerbaijan Xaçmaz Xaçmaz Business Farm Management and Agribusiness
Sheki Azerbaijan Joel Robbins 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Azerbaijan Sheki Sheki Education University Teacher/Training
Amy Peterson Amy Peterson 2452640.52003 2453371.52005 Azerbaijan Ismayilli Education
Jeffrey Kelley-Clarke Jeffrey Kelley-Clarke 2442778.51976 Bahrain
Nick Henry Nick Henry 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Bangladesh Sylhet Northeast
Todd J Smith Todd Smith 2453005.52004 2453736.52006 Bangladesh Cox's Bazaar Southeast
Kara Telesmanick Kara Telesmanick 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Bangladesh Chapai Nawabganj Youth
Steven E Solomon Steven Solomon 2437665.51962 2438395.51964 Bangladesh Rajshahi Teachers Training College Education
Donna Statler Donna Statler 2447527.51989 2448257.51991 Belize Belize District Education
Joseph Michael mendoza Joseph Mendoza 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Belize Punta Gorda
Toledo Information Technology Primary Teacher/Training
Frank Almaguer Frank Almaguer 2439491.51967 2440222.51969 Belize Orange Walk Town Orange Walk
Jill Bond Jill Bond 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Belize Big Falls Village Toledo Education
Kristina N. Klein Kristina Klein 2450083.51996 2450814.51998 Belize Orange Walk Town Orange Walk
Aaron Witt Aaron Witt 2436934.51960 2436934.51960 Belize Belize City Belize
Zoe L. Cummings Zoe Cummings 2451544.52000 2452275.52002 Belize Belize City
Orange Walk Town
Bertie Lee Murphy Bertie Murphy Belize
Tom McDowell Tom McDowell 2442413.51975 2443144.51977 Belize Belize Junior Secondary School Belize City Education Secondary Teacher/Training
Randy Morgan Randy Morgan 2440222.51969 2440952.51971 Belize Corozal District Business
Richard Gail Richard Sopko 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Belize Crooked Tree Village Belize
Richard Kelly Richard Kelly Belize
Hal B. Lovett Hal B. Lovett 2444970.51982 2445700.51984 Belize San Ignacio Cayo Business
Holly Gail Holly Gail 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Belize Crooked Tree Village Belize
Catherine Mulligan Young Catherine Mulligan Young 2447527.51989 2447892.51990 Belize Education
Robin Mardeusz Robin Mardeusz 2451179.51999 Belize
Alanna Randall Alanna Randall 2451910.52001 2452640.52003 Belize Placencia
Cristo Rey
Marquis Walsh Marquis Walsh 2446066.51985 Belize
Sheila Grudem Sheila Grudem 2447892.51990 2448622.51992 Belize Seven Miles - Mountain Pine Ridge Cayo
Ken Kapinski Ken Kapinski 2452275.52002 2453371.52005 Belize Punta Gorda Toledo Information Technology University Teacher/Training
Information Technology
Stacia Bippus Stacia Bippus 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Benin Pobe Plateau Health
Harold Summers Harold Summers Benin
Catherine Puzey Catherine Puzey 2454101.52007 Benin Badjoude English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Nicole Marie Gaston Nicole Marie Gaston 2452640.52003 2453371.52005 Benin Athiémé Mono Health
Harold R Summers Harold Summers Benin
Barbara Christie Barbara Christie Benin
Rene Courtway Rene Courtway Benin
Weihow Hsue Weihow Hsue 2454466.52008 2455197.52010 Benin Alfakoara Alibori Environment
Rene L Courtway Rene Courtway Benin
Christine Claypoole Christine Claypoole 2448257.51991 2448988.51993 Benin Borgou
Barbara Kelly Barbara Kelly Benin
Volunteers who served in Bolivia Ralph Long 2437665.51962 2438395.51964 Bolivia Los Negros Leprosy Colony Agriculture
Dana Blakeslee Dana Blakeslee 2448257.51991 2448988.51993 Bolivia Agriculture
Jon Bjornstad Jon Bjornstad 2438761.51965 2439491.51967 Bolivia Trinidad
Santa Cruz
Averill Strasser Averill Strasser 2439126.51966 2439856.51968 Bolivia La Paz La Paz Environment
Donald Charles Bullock Donald C. Bullock 2437665.51962 2438395.51964 Bolivia Los Negros Leprosy Colony Santa Cruz Health
Gloey Wiseman Gloey Wiseman Bolivia
Joy Darling Joy Darling Bolivia
Erica Barajas Erica Barajas 2454101.52007 2454466.52008 Bolivia El Puente Tarija
Nancy T. Sturdivant Nancy Sturdivant 2437665.51962 2438395.51964 Bolivia Cochabamba Cochabamba Health
Taylor Hackford Taylor Hackford 2439856.51968 2440222.51969 Bolivia
Walter Poirier Walter Poirier Bolivia
Bolivia volunteers Ralph Long 2437665.51962 2438395.51964 Bolivia Los Negros Leprosy Colony Agriculture
Michael H. Hirsh Michael Hirsh 2440587.51970 2440952.51971 Bolivia Punata Cochabamba
Jeffrey Horton Jeffrey Horton 2448257.51991 2449718.51995 Bolivia Erquis Sur and La Paz Tarija and La Paz Agriculture
Environmental Education
Kate McPeek Kate McPeek 2451179.51999 2451910.52001 Bolivia Tiraque
Cochabamba Environment
Tim Hoye Tim Hoye 2450449.51997 Bolivia
Preston Motes Preston Motes 2450814.51998 2451910.52001 Bolivia Yanacachi Sud Yungas (La Paz)
Kristina J. Owens Kristina Owens 2451544.52000 2452275.52002 Bolivia Las Carreras Chuquisaca
Sandra Smith Sandra Smith Bolivia
Luann Bjornstad Luann Bjornstad 2438761.51965 2439491.51967 Bolivia Trinidad
Santa Cruz
David Fabricant David Fabricant 2450814.51998 2451179.51999 Bolivia Agriculture
Robert Ballew Robert Ballew 2438395.51964 2439126.51966 Bolivia Cochabamba
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Mike Fogg John Fogg 2439126.51966 2439856.51968 Bolivia Santa Cruz Business Other
Mark Barajas Mark Barajas 2454101.52007 2454466.52008 Bolivia El Puente Tarija Education Environmental Education
Bill Baedke Bill Baedke 2439856.51968 2440587.51970 Bolivia Patacamaya La Paz Agriculture
Matt Sholler Matt Sholler 2450449.51997 2451179.51999 Bolivia Puerto Acosta La Paz Health
Sean Nagle Sean Nagle 2450449.51997
Santa Bárbara
Santa Bárbara
Niki Nelson Wade Niki Wade 2441683.51973 2442413.51975 Botswana Gaborone Southeast Education Primary Teacher/Training
Kimberly Morken Kimberly Morken Botswana
Joel Fritzler Joel Fritzler 2447892.51990 2448622.51992 Botswana Lobatse
Mary Abraham Mary Abraham 2455562.52011 2456293.52013 Botswana Health
Tom Baillieul Tom Baillieul 2440952.51971 2441683.51973 Botswana Lobatse South-East
Botswana volunteers Tim Dalrymple 2447161.51988 2447892.51990 Botswana Botswana
University of Botswana Education
Pamela Traughber Pamela Traughber 2443874.51979 2444605.51981 Botswana central Botswana Education Secondary Teacher/Training
Daniel L. Manske Daniel Manske 2444605.51981 2445335.51983 Botswana Maun North-West Education
Robert S. Wright Robert Wright 2447892.51990 2448257.51991 Botswana Maokatuma Education
Todd Ulmer Todd Ulmer 2448988.51993 2449718.51995 Botswana Mabuasehube National Wildlife Reserve Kalahari Environment National Park Management
Environmental Education
Ecotourism Development
Steve Wade Steve Wade 2441683.51973 2442413.51975 Botswana Gaborone Southeast Business Small Business Development
Catherine Saltwick Catherine Saltwick Botswana
Mark Smith Mark Smith 2439126.51966 2439856.51968 Botswana Africa Education Primary Teacher/Training
James Spindler James Spindler 2444970.51982 2445700.51984 Botswana Mahalapye Central Agriculture
Ula Cutten Ula Cutten 2443509.51978 2444605.51981 Botswana Francistown Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Volunteers who served in Botswana Tim Dalrymple 2447161.51988 2447892.51990 Botswana Botswana
University of Botswana Education
Linda Hudgins Linda Hudgins 2448988.51993 2450083.51996 Botswana Ramokgwebana North-East Education
Stephen J. Fedorko Stephen Fedorko 2446066.51985 2446796.51987 Botswana ???
Kent Coe Kent Coe 2447161.51988 2447892.51990 Botswana Lethlakane Environment
James r jensen phd james jensen 2439491.51967 2440222.51969 Brazil Porangatu Goias Goia Health
Charles Richard Lyndaker Charles Lyndaker 2439126.51966 2440222.51969 Brazil Aracruz Espirito Santo Education
Kathy LaBrot Angus Kathleen LaBrot Angus 2438395.51964 2439126.51966 Brazil Sao Joao do Rio do Peixe
Jerry Dean Bryan Jerry Bryan Brazil
Terry Hayden Terry Hayden 2440587.51970 2441683.51973 Brazil Tupi Paulista
Porto Feliz
Sao Paulo Other Other
Cliff Sanderlin Cliff Sanderlin 2439856.51968 2440952.51971 Brazil Sao Jose de Piranhas Agriculture
David C. Rodwell David Rodwell 2440587.51970 2441683.51973 Brazil Alagoinhas Bahia
Karl P Schnell Karl Schnell 2440587.51970 2441317.51972 Brazil Sobral Ceara
Zane Reeves thomas reeves 2438395.51964 2439126.51966 Brazil Santa Teresa Espirito Santo Health Youth
Municipal Development
Gene Whitmer Gene Whitmer 2438395.51964 Brazil Amambaí Mato Grosso do Sul Health
Peter Boynton Peter Boynton 2438761.51965 2439491.51967 Brazil Aurora
Dale Swenson Dale Swenson Brazil
Jerry Bryan Jerry Bryan Brazil
Kenneth Fliés Kenneth Fliés 2437665.51962 2438395.51964 Brazil Correntina Bahia Agriculture
Nelson L. Jacob Nelson Jacob 2437665.51962 2438761.51965 Brazil Serraria Paraiba Agriculture
Ron Newark Ronald Newark 2440587.51970 2441317.51972 Brazil Ceara Education
Municipal Development
Urban and Regional Planning
Michele St.Clair Michele St. Clair 2439856.51968 2440587.51970 Brazil Piancó Paraíba
Rafael Aguilar Rafael Aguilar 2454832.52009 2455927.52012 Bulgaria Bregovo Education
Leonard Zimmerman Leonard Zimmerman 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Bulgaria Shumen Education
Zack Yap Zack Yap 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Septemvri
Dan Sarles Dan Sarles 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Selcha Business
Krista Harmon Krista Harmon 2451179.51999 2451910.52001 Bulgaria Pernik Pernik Education
Kenneth Johnson Kenneth Johnson 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Dryanovo Business
Whitney Aster Whitney Aster 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Mezdra Education
Alan Wittbecker Alan Wittbecker 2451544.52000 Bulgaria
Nathaniel Broekman Nathaniel Broekman 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Yambol Education
Lysle Baker (Lindenschmidt) Lysle Baker (Lindenschmidt) 2451544.52000 2452275.52002 Bulgaria Bankso/Dimitrovgrad Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Emmy Hepper Emmy Hepper 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Nikola Kozlevo Education
Barbara Knittel Barbara Knittel 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Bulgaria Dupnitsa Kyustendil
James Gholson James Gholson 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Byala Slatina Education
Kevin Copley Kevin Copley 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Bulgaria Dimitrovgrad Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Heather Leet Heather Leet 2450814.51998 2451544.52000 Bulgaria Silistra Education
Carolyn Bohm Carolyn Bohm 2454832.52009 2455197.52010 Bulgaria Elin Pelin Education
Karina Strange Karina Strange 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Seidol
Joe Reid Joe Reid 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Kitanchevo Business
Elani Gonzales Elani Gonzales 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Strazhitsa Education
Vanessa Raymond Vanessa Raymond 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Yambol Business
Julie Odland Julie Odland 2451544.52000 2452275.52002 Bulgaria Pazardzhik Pazardzhik Education
Daniel Baker-Smith Daniel Baker-Smith 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Pordim Youth
Albin Sikora Albin Sikora 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Startsevo Education
Laura Bruner Laura Bruner 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Karnobat Education
Rory Nolan Rory Nolan 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Koynare Business
Douglas J Kramer Douglas Kramer 2451910.52001
Western Visayas
Ailish Zompa Ailish Zompa 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Bulgaria Kyustendil Kyustendil Education
Anne Andrews Anne Andrews 2454832.52009 2455197.52010 Bulgaria Kazanlak Youth
Lynn Lynch Lynn Lynch 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Plovdiv Education
Ashley Stanard Ashley Stanard 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Dolna Banya Youth
Mathew Piscitelli Mathew Piscitelli 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Kraynitsi Education
Brian Steger Brian Steger 2454832.52009 2455927.52012 Bulgaria Slivnitsa Education
Susan Megy Susan Megy 2452640.52003 Bulgaria
Jim Guittard Jim Guittard 2453736.52006 2454466.52008 Bulgaria Pernik Pernik Education
Alison Beitelspacher Alison Beitelspacher 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Haskovo Education
Anna Turosky Anna Turosky 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Orizare Education
Ryan Cairns Ryan Cairns 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Belene Business
Heidi Gorman Heidi Gorman 2451544.52000 2452275.52002 Bulgaria Botevgrad Sofia Education
Chris Voerg-Jones Chris Voerg-Jones 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Bulgaria Tryavna Youth
… further results

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