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Volunteer Memorials to those who died while serving in Peace Corps
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This page is a listing of all the volunteers who passed away while serving in Peace Corps.

If you served in Peace Corps, please create a page on yourself. Thanks!

Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Firstname Lastname Date of death Ended service in Served in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Cause of death
Lawrence Radley Lawrence Radley 2437776.522 April 1962 Colombia Aircraft Accident
David Crozier David Crozier 2437776.522 April 1962 Colombia Aircraft Accident
David Mulholland David Mulholland 2437806.522 May 1962 Philippines Ilog Negros Occidental Other
Dale Swenson Dale Swenson 2438004.56 December 1962 Brazil Motor Accident
Nancy Boyd Nancy Boyd 2438030.51963 Philippines
Phillip Maggard Phillip Maggard 2438030.51963 Philippines
Frederick Detjen Frederick Detjen 2438030.51963 Colombia
Roger McManus Roger McManus 2438177.528 May 1963 Philippines Other
Cynthia Myers Cynthia Myers 2438395.51964 India
Bruce McKeen Bruce McKeen 2438395.51964 Nepal
Stanley Kowalczyk Stanley Kowalczyk 2438761.51965 Nigeria
James Driscoll James Driscoll 2438761.51965 Togo
Francis Kirking Francis Kirking 2438761.51965 Iran
Don Humphrey Don Humphrey 2438761.51965 Chile
John Parrott John Parrott 2438761.51965 Kenya
Johnnes Vonfoerster Johnnes Vonfoerster 2438761.51965 Nigeria
James Hughes James Hughes 2438761.51965 Ecuador
Robert Zech Robert Zech 2438761.51 January 1965 Dominican_Republic Motor Accident
Joy Darling Joy Darling 2438763.53 January 1965 Bolivia Motor Accident
Gareth Simmons Gareth Simmons 2438939.528 June 1965 Dominican_Republic Other
Judith Corley Judith Corley 2439118.524 December 1965 Cameroon Drowning
Troy Ross Troy Ross 2439126.51966 Peru
Gerald Flynn Gerald Flynn 2439126.51966 Ecuador
Henry George Shine Henry Shine 2439126.51966 Nigeria
James Redmann James Redmann 2439126.51 January 1966 Eastern_Caribbean Drowning
Thomas Ashton Thomas Ashton 2439126.51966 Iran
Florice Barnum Florice Barnum 2439126.51966 Togo
Peverly Kinsey Peverly Kinsey 2439126.51966 Tanzania
Diane Nitahara Diane Nitahara 2439126.51966 Nigeria
Curtis Larson Curtis Larson 2439126.51966 Ecuador
Robert Weland Robert Weland 2439126.51966 Nepal
Thomas Hassett Thomas Hassett 2439126.51966 Nepal
Paul Bond Paul Bond 2439126.51966 Ecuador
Lowell Dunn Lowell Dunn 2439126.51966 Thailand
William Olson William Olson 2439353.516 August 1966 Ethiopia Other
John Blum John Blum 2439491.51967 India
Dennis Pearson Dennis Pearson 2439491.51967 Turkey
James Stout, Jr. James Stout, Jr. 2439491.51967 Morocco
William Reiser William Reiser 2439491.51967 Ghana
Rose Anne Crimmins Rose Crimmins 2439491.51967 India
Susan Traub Susan Traub 2439491.51967 Ethiopia
Marcia Pearson Marcia Pearson 2439491.51967 Turkey
Bruce Gould Bruce Gould 2439491.51967 Philippines
Peter Nelson Peter Nelson 2439491.51967 Iran
David Larson David Larson 2439491.51967
Salvador Vazquez Salvador Vazquez 2439856.51968 Colombia
Virginia Zink Virginia Zink 2439856.51968 Nigeria
Thomas Laffey Thomas Laffey 2439856.51968 Malawi
John O'Brien John O'Brien 2439856.51968 Fiji
Alexei Zbitnoff Alexei Zbitnoff 2439856.51968
Mark Raymaker Mark Raymaker 2439856.51968 Tanzania
John Beckner John Beckner 2439856.51968 Malaysia
William Hellyer William Hellyer 2439856.51968 India
William Ackerman William Ackerman 2439856.51968 Colombia
Michael Kotzian Michael Kotzian 2440222.51969 Colombia
Henry Shuler Henry Shuler 2440222.51969 India
Jeannette Stafford Jeannette Stafford 2440222.51969 Philippines
Susan Losikoff Susan Losikoff 2440222.51969 Malaysia
Patrick O'Reilly Patrick O'Reilly 2440222.51969
Sandra Smith Sandra Smith 2440452.519 August 1969 Bolivia Central Nervous System Disease
Henry Farrar Henry Farrar 2440568.513 December 1969 Afghanistan Motor Accident
Paul Overholtzer Paul Overholtzer 2440587.51970 Mauritius
Martha Merrill Martha Merrill 2440587.51970 Liberia
Susan Davey Susan Davey 2440587.51970 Liberia
John Willis John Willis 2440587.51970 Jamaica
Frederick Schwartz Frederick Schwartz 2440587.51970 Swaziland
Susan Rodgers Susan Rodgers 2440587.51970 Kenya
Gail Gross Gail Gross 2440587.51970 Peru
David McCarthy David McCarthy 2440587.51970
Daniel Jandorf Daniel Jandorf 2440587.51970 Malaysia
Marilyn McKay Marilyn McKay 2440587.51970 Liberia
David Bogenschneider David Bogenschneider 2440587.51970 Kenya
Judith Bosch Judith Bosch 2440587.51970 Iran
Marie Clutterbuck Marie Clutterbuck 2440587.51970 Peru
Joseph Nonnemacker Joseph Nonnemacker 2440587.51970
Agatha Thornton Agatha Thornton 2440952.51971 Liberia
Philip Holland Philip Holland 2440952.51971 India
Ronald Kuhn Ronald Kuhn 2440952.51971
Richard Leahy Richard Leahy 2440952.51971 Ecuador
James Henrietta James Henrietta 2440952.51971 Liberia
Marsha Ragno Marsha Ragno 2440952.51971 Liberia
Robert Whitfield Robert Whitfield 2440952.51971 Ghana
Terry Lawyer Terry Lawyer 2440952.51971 Togo
Kalman Hahn Kalman Hahn 2440952.51971 Ghana
Ann Kenney Ann Kenney 2440952.51971
Michael Periard Michael Periard 2440952.51971 Liberia
Valeria Roberts Valeria Roberts 2440952.51971 Liberia
Robert Ritger Robert Ritger 2441317.51972 Ecuador
Paul Spratt Paul Spratt 2441317.51972 Zaire
Louis Morton Louis Morton 2441317.51972 Uganda
Robert Lillig Robert Lillig 2441317.51972 Nepal
Elizabeth Aldrich Elizabeth Aldrich 2441317.51972 Kenya
John Davidson John Davidson 2441317.51972 Ecuador
Craig Pollock Craig Pollock 2441317.51972 Ecuador
Alan C. Banner Alan Banner 2441317.51972
Dennis Ota Dennis Ota 2441317.51972 Togo
James Weeks James Weeks 2441317.51972 Mauritius
William L. West William West 2441317.51972 Kenya
William Challed William Challed 2441386.510 March 1972 Iran Motor Accident
James Ryan James Ryan 2441545.516 August 1972 Ethiopia Central Nervous System Disease
Wilburn Johnson Wilburn Johnson 2441683.51973 Senegal
Steven Messer Steven Messer 2441683.51973
Roderic Turner Roderic Turner 2441683.51973 Ethiopia
Rene Courtway Rene Courtway 2441683.51973 Benin
Linda Fink Linda Fink 2441683.51973 Zaire
Linda Robinson Linda Robinson 2441683.51973 Niger
Gregory Baker Gregory Baker 2441683.51973
Rene L Courtway Rene Courtway 2441850.517 June 1973 Benin
Jerry Shey Jerry Shey 2441936.511 September 1973 Ethiopia Nedjo Wollega Suicide
Dennis Pfost Dennis Pfost 2442048.51974 Peru
Curtis Jacoby Curtis Jacoby 2442048.51974
Denise Rosser Denise Rosser 2442048.51974
Robert Parker Robert Parker 2442048.51974
Gerald Robillard Gerald Robillard 2442048.51974 Zaire
Bethanne Bahler Bethanne Bahler 2442195.528 May 1974 Jamaica Drowning
Denise Blake Denise Blake 2442198.531 May 1974 Afghanistan Drowning
Diane Fahey Diane Fahey 2442413.51975 Liberia
H. Benjamin Gamber H Gamber 2442413.51975 Kenya
Roy Prior Roy Prior 2442413.51975 Honduras
Jacqueline Chezem Jacqueline Chezem 2442413.51975
Harold Summers Harold Summers 2442413.51975 Benin
Stephen Hamer Stephen Hamer 2442413.51975 Malaysia
Cecil Perkins Cecil Perkins 2442413.51975
Grace Russomanno Grace Russomanno 2442413.51975 Liberia
Francis Gavit Francis Gavit 2442413.51975 Honduras
Robert Pastuszak Robert Pastuszak 2442413.51975
Barbara Christie Barbara Christie 2442413.51975 Benin
Thomas Cronin Thomas Cronin 2442413.51975 Philippines
Barbara Kelly Barbara Kelly 2442675.520 September 1975 Benin Respiratory Failure
Charles Pinney Charles Pinney 2442778.51976 Malaysia
James Hoffman (Liberia) James Hoffman 2442778.51976 Liberia
Paul Johnson Paul Johnson 2442778.51976 Guatemala
George Bradfield George Bradfield 2442778.51976 Chile
Thomas Carpenter Thomas Carpenter 2442778.51976
Deborah Gardner Deborah Gardner 2442778.51 January 1976 Tonga Homicide
Louise Wolf Louise Wolf 2442778.51976 Morocco
June Cross June Cross 2442778.51976 Liberia
Roseanne Provini Roseanne Provini 2442778.51976 Honduras
Stephen Malone Stephen Malone 2442778.51976
Robert Davis Robert Davis 2443005.515 August 1976 Burkina_Faso Drowning
Richard Mulvihill Richard Mulvihill 2443016.526 August 1976 Cameroon Accidental Poisoning
Polly Zimmerman Polly Zimmerman 2443074.523 October 1976 Morocco Gassing
Florence Krok Florence Krok 2443144.51977 Kenya
Gary Wilcox Gary Wilcox 2443144.51977 Fiji
Christopher Luecke Christopher Luecke 2443509.51978 Liberia
Jerry Bryan Jerry Bryan 2443509.51978 Brazil
Robert Warren Robert Warren 2443509.51978 Honduras
Christine Thompson Christine Thompson 2443509.51978 Ecuador
Robert Jonas Robert Jonas 2443509.51978 Colombia
Debora White Debora White 2443509.51978 Togo
Lester Gliessman Lester Gliessman 2443509.51978 Kenya
Eugene Galgas Eugene Galgas 2443509.51978 Ghana
Dennis Stilson Dennis Stilson 2443509.51978
Robert Benson Robert Benson 2443509.51978 Tonga
Robert McFate Robert McFate 2443509.51978 Chile
Robert Owens Robert Owens 2443509.51978 Morocco
Jerry Dean Bryan Jerry Bryan 2443598.531 March 1978 Brazil Overdose
Richard Kelly Richard Kelly 2443628.530 April 1978 Belize Motor Accident
Timothy Matthews Timothy Matthews 2443874.51979
Lois Ann Lane Lois Lane 2443874.51979
David Ruben David Ruben 2444239.51980
Marian Baciewicz Marian Baciewicz 2444239.51980 Ghana
Lynne Masover Lynne Masover 2444239.51980 Fiji
Thomas Lockhart Thomas Lockhart 2444239.51980
Thomas LeSuer Thomas LeSuer 2444239.51980 Lesotho
Diana Fillmore Diana Fillmore 2444239.51980 Gabon
Mitchell Woodward Mitchell Woodward 2444239.51980 Ecuador
Theodore Cooper Theodore Cooper 2444605.51981 Philippines
Marshal Haggard Marshal Haggard 2444605.51981 Nepal
Harry Hushaw Harry Hushaw 2444605.51981 Thailand
John Marshall John Marshall 2444605.51981 Mali
Brian Edens Brian Edens 2444605.51981 Senegal
Jeanne Corbin Jeanne Corbin 2444605.51981 Jamaica
Margaret Carmona Margaret Carmona 2444605.51981 Philippines
Bridgette McClellan Bridgette McClellan 2444605.51981
Philip Cyr Philip Cyr 2444605.51981 Nepal
Janis Hyatt Janis Hyatt 2444605.51981 Swaziland Motor Accident
Darryl Adkins Darryl Adkins 2444605.51981 Jamaica
Daniel Greenwald Daniel Greenwald 2444605.51981
Paul Chaljub Paul Chaljub 2444605.51981 Chile
Steven Presnal Steven Presnal 2444970.51982 Ecuador
Terry Strong Terry Strong 2445335.51983 Lesotho
Michael Wood Michael Wood 2445335.51983 Guatemala
James Wood James Wood 2445335.51983 Togo
Robert Long Robert Long 2445335.51983 Liberia
Mark Edstrand Mark Edstrand 2445335.51983 Niger
Joseph Sheriff Joseph Sheriff 2445335.51983
Kathryn Crotty Kathryn Crotty 2445335.51983 Mali
Diana Hess Diana Hess 2445335.51983 Kenya
Kimberly Morken Kimberly Morken 2445454.530 April 1983 Botswana Suicide
Ronald Cecchini Ronald Cecchini 2445700.51984 Thailand
Peter Wolfe Peter Wolfe 2445700.51984 Guatemala
Jennifer Rubin Jennifer Rubin 2445700.51984 Togo
Mark Streb Mark Streb 2445700.51984 Niger
Lesa Sanftleben Lesa Sanftleben 2445700.51984 Lesotho
William Schaffer William Schaffer 2445700.51984 Nepal
William Mathis, Jr. William Mathis 2445700.51984 Zaire
Shaun O'Brien Shaun O'Brien 2445709.510 January 1984 Philippines Motor Accident
Charles Turneer Charles Turneer 2445709.510 January 1984 Philippines Delaguete
VII Homicide
Audrey Copeland Audrey Copeland 2446066.51985 Ecuador
Audrey Smith Audrey Smith 2446066.51985 Philippines
John Wright John Wright 2446066.51985 Ecuador
Raymond Kruger Raymond Kruger 2446249.53 July 1985 Morocco Motor Accident
Joseph Teates Joseph Teates 2447097.529 October 1987 Guatemala
Scott Glotfelty Scott Glotfelty 2447161.51988 Togo
Juanita Quiton Juanita Quiton 2447161.51988 Swaziland
Steven Butler Steven Butler 2447161.51988 Tunisia
Danuta Kossowska Danuta Kossowska 2447161.51988 Thailand
Brenda Crawford Brenda Crawford 2447161.51988 Swaziland
Matthew Sherman Matthew Sherman 2447161.51988 Honduras
Andrew Karrer Andrew Karrer 2447473.58 November 1988 Federated_States_of_Micronesia Drowning
Steven L. Butler Steven Butler 2447516.521 December 1988 Tunisia Other
Dorothy Osborne Dorothy Osborne 2447527.51989
Michelle Drabiski Michelle Drabiski 2447527.51989 Paraguay
Margaret Schutzius Margaret Schutzius 2447527.51989 Chad
Magaret E Schutzius Magaret Schutzius 2447788.519 September 1989 Chad Homicide
David Schaeffer David Schaeffer 2447892.51990 Tanzania
Daniel Ohl Daniel Ohl 2447892.51990 Kenya
David Edwards David Edwards 2448257.51991 Namibia
Gloey Wiseman Gloey Wiseman 2448542.513 October 1991 Bolivia Homicide
William Nordmann William Nordmann 2448622.51992 Nepal
Susan Harding Susan Harding 2448622.51992
Varina Rogers Varina Rogers 2448622.51992 Malawi
Karren Wald Karren Wald 2448988.51993 Togo
Layne Pfaffenberger Layne Pfaffenberger 2448988.51993 Guatemala
Michele Sylvester Michele Sylvester 2448988.51993 Senegal
Mary Johnson Mary Johnson 2448988.51993 China
Thomas Barakatt Thomas Barakatt 2449480.58 May 1994 Samoa Drowning
Andrew Shippee Andrew Shippee 2449718.51995 Cameroon
Donald Weber Donald Weber 2449718.51995 Hungary
Jeffrey Orton Jeffrey Orton 2449718.51995 Niger
Lucille Raimondo Lucille Raimondo 2449718.51995 Guatemala
Nancy Coutu Nancy Coutu 2450083.51996 Madagascar
Robert Lindstrom Robert Lindstrom 2450083.51996 Poland
Kyrstin Scharninghausen Kyrstin Scharninghausen 2450083.51996 Namibia
Annika Rodriguez Annika Rodriguez 2450083.51996 Honduras
Laura Ann Stedman Laura Stedman 2450094.512 January 1996 Swaziland Other
Jeremy Rolfs Jeremy Rolfs 2450449.51997 Lesotho
Chad Nettesheim Chad Nettesheim 2450449.51997
Elizabeth Livingston Elizabeth Livingston 2450449.51997
Jeremiah Mack Jeremiah Mack 2450580.512 May 1997 Niger Motor Accident
Kevin Leveille Kevin Leveille 2450814.51998
Etienne Victor Verloo Etienne Verloo 2450814.51998 Ukraine
Timothy Simpson Timothy Simpson 2450814.51998 Nepal
Karen Phillips Karen Phillips 2450814.51998 Gabon
Joie Kallison Joie Kallison 2450814.51998 Namibia
Robert Bock Robert Bock 2450814.51998 Philippines
Kathryn MacGillivary Kathryn MacGillivary 2450814.51998 Malawi
Brian Krow Brian Krow 2451179.51999 Ukraine
Helene Hill Helene Hill 2451179.51999 Namibia
Jesse Thyne Jesse Thyne 2451544.52000 Guinea
Judith Pasmore Judith Pasmore 2451544.52000 Lesotho
Justin Bhansali Justin Bhansali 2451544.52000 Guinea
William DiDiego William DiDiego 2451581.57 February 2000 Cote_d'Ivoire Motor Accident
Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose 2451908.530 December 2000 Malawi Motor Accident
Walter Poirier Walter Poirier 2451910.52001 Bolivia
Jang Lee Jang Lee 2451910.52001 Uzbekistan
Natalie Waldinger Natalie Waldinger 2451910.52001 Tanzania
Ronald G. McDearman Ronald McDearman 2451910.52001 Kenya
Carlos Amador Carlos Amador 2451910.52001
Wyatt Pillsbury Wyatt Pillsbury 2451910.52001 Tanzania
Larisa Jaffe Larisa Jaffe 2451910.52001 Zimbabwe
Susan Fagan Susan Fagan 2451910.52001 Ghana
Elizabeth Bowers Elizabeth Bowers 2452275.52002 Zambia
Zack Merrill Zack Merrill 2452640.52003 Mali
Melissa Mosvick Melissa Mosvick 2453005.51 January 2004 Morocco Motor Accident
Gregor V. Baker Gregor Baker 2453005.52004 Ecuador
Rik Weiss Rik Weiss 2453005.52004 Philippines
Patricia Scataloni Patricia Scataloni 2453371.52005 Macedonia
Wyatt Ammon Wyatt Ammon 2453371.52005 Zambia
Tessa Horan Tessa Horan 2453736.52006 Tonga
Justin Brady Justin Brady 2453981.53 September 2006 Mali Dontieribugu Electrocution
Matthew Costa Matthew Costa 2453981.53 September 2006 Mali Electrocution
Blythe Ann O'Sullivan Blythe O'Sullivan 2454101.52007 Suriname
Marilyn Foss Marilyn Foss 2454101.52007 China
Julia Campbell Julia Campbell 2454198.58 April 2007 Philippines Donsol Homicide
John Douglas Roberts John Roberts 2454384.511 October 2007 Vanuatu South River Erromango Crushing
Bertie Lee Murphy Bertie Murphy 2454466.52008 Belize
Catherine Saltwick Catherine Saltwick 2454466.52008 Botswana
Catherine Puzey Catherine Puzey 2454902.512 March 2009 Benin Badjoude Homicide
Joseph Chow Joseph Chow 2455096.522 September 2009 Tanzania Ndalat (Kenya)
Ndanda Secondary School
Mtwara Fall
So-Youn Kim So-Youn Kim 2455151.516 November 2009 Morocco Tamegroute Zagora province Septic Shock
Thomas Maresco Thomas Maresco 2455442.53 September 2010 Lesotho Homicide
Stephanie Michelle Chance Stephanie Chance 2455476.57 October 2010 Niger

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