Vava'u Youth Center Fit for a Kingdom

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Vava'u Youth Center Fit for a Kingdom
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Vava'u
Country: Tonga
Volunteer(s) Name: J. Morlin
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Florida
Volunteer(s) Home city: Rockledge
Affiliate organization: Tonga National Youth Congress
Funds community contributed: $1934
Percentage community contributed: 28%
Funds needed were: $3450
Funds requested were: $4920
PPCP #: 421-119
Year of project approval: 1999
Project located: yes
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Tu'anuku Primary School Photocopy Machine, Vava'u Youth Center Fit for a Kingdom
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Tu'anuku Primary School Photocopy Machine, Vava'u Youth Center Fit for a Kingdom
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Info about the Vava'u Youth Center Fit for a Kingdom

Youth Center Fit for a Kingdom The Vava'u Youth Congress, a branch of the Tonga National Youth Congress, focuses on developing the talent and skills of Tongan youth. Since 1999, the Congress has been operating a Youth Center, which has planned and successfully held the following activities:

A modest amount of income is generated from fund raising activities, fees charged for computer classes, and the renting Youth Center space. However, this income is not sufficient to implement the type of activities that the Youth Congress envisions. The Youth Center would like to create a well-equipped, dynamic center so as to generate enough income to cover overhead as well as provide a stimulating environment for youth. They are asking for your assistance to improve the Center's capabilities by purchasing chairs, tables, office equipment, audiovisual equipment, and recreational and educational materials. The community will provide labor, transportation, and peer educators.

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