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Projects in Uganda
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This page is a listing of all Projects in Uganda.

If you served in Uganda, please create a page on your project. Thanks!

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(13) Uganda_projects in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: If you did a project in Peace Corps, please add your project to the Peace Corps Wiki, it's useful to identify the community in the "project name." If a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

Name of community was Name of region was Lastname Is from state Funds community contributed Funds needed were Funds requested were Year of approval was
Palissa District School Renovation Palissa District Eastern Larocca Illinois 48804,880 2452640.52003
St. Aloysius Primary Teacher's College Computer Lab Ngora Eastern Heppner Minnesota 53505,350 28892,889 67596,759 2453371.52005
Hearts of Uganda Album Recording Uganda Close Washington, DC 718718 14211,421 17961,796 2453371.52005
Uganda Computer Lab Uganda Byrd California 77737,773 38043,804 54045,404 2453371.52005
Uganda Integrated Resource Center Uganda Genova North_Carolina 44924,492 61116,111 61116,111 2453736.52006
Uganda School Improvement and HIV/AIDS Educational Murals Uganda Hungate California 16081,608 25252,525 32813,281 2454466.52008
Uganda Office Renovation Uganda Koza Oregon 8181 121121 221221 2454466.52008
Uganda School Computer Upgrade Uganda Cramer Kansas 71947,194 26092,609 26092,609 2454466.52008
School Library Renovation D'Souza Michigan 52635,263 80008,000 80008,000 2454832.52009
Taking Back Fridays at a Primary School Damberger Montana 18281,828 49054,905 54505,450 2454832.52009
College Entertainment System Kabulasoke Primary Teachers College Central Hanno New_York 175175 00 00 2454832.52009
ICT Center Edwards California 978978 28562,856 28742,874 2454832.52009

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