Uganda Integrated Resource Center

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Uganda Integrated Resource Center
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Uganda
Country: Uganda
Volunteer(s) Name: K. Genova
Volunteer(s) Homestate: North_Carolina
Affiliate organization: Integrated Primary School
Funds community contributed: $4492.00
Percentage community contributed: 42%
Funds needed were: $6111.00
Funds requested were: $6111.00
PPCP #: 617-015
Year of project approval: 2006
Projects started in Uganda 2006 (1).
Uganda Integrated Resource Center
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Info about the Uganda Integrated Resource Center

In September 2004 the headmaster at the Integrated Primary School proposed the idea of a resource center to the school PTA, SMC (School Management Committee), the Local Council, and the greater community. It was his aim that a resource center for the school could provide the necessary space for a small library, computer lab, and school store. This center would benefit the schools students as well as the larger community in providing access to resource materials (i.e. books, computers, school materials). Moreover the resource center could serve as a centralized location for students and community members to gain and share knowledge apart from school.

Following this proposal, the school committees and the community decided unanimously to undertake the project. Monetary donations were taken from parents, and local materials were donated from the local council and dedicated community members. In addition, the school obtained several working laptops, as well as used textbooks and novels from a donor in England.

By November 2004 the school had acquired the necessary materials to begin construction on the resource center. By January 2005 the foundation, walling, and part of the ring- beam were finished. The school also secured a donation from the local council for the necessary iron sheets for roofing.

The Integrated School has been highly successful in recruiting enough materials and labor to complete the first phase of the building. The school now requests Partner assistance to finish the remaining phases of the resource center. The completion requires purchase of materials and labor for roofing, closing and shutting, flooring and plaster, ceiling, furniture and fittings, electricity, painting and color wash.

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