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[edit] Solar Panels on Community Center

The Community Center of Agro-Hortelao where the solar panels will be installed. The community center includes the kindergarten, a classroom used for meetings as well the making of traditional Cape Verdean scarves (one of the income generating activities of the Association), an office, a kitchen used to make lunch for the kindergarten students as well as jams (another income generating activity) and a bathroom.
The kindergarten in the Community Center. This is when I told them that soon they would be able to watch movies (with the energy from the solar panels).

The goal of this project is to provide a solar panel for the community center Unfortunately the community does not have access to electricity. With electricity the Association will provide greater assistance to the community. The jam business will be able to expand its product base with the use of refrigerators that they already own. Expenses will decrease as there will no longer be a need for a generator to mix the fruits. Agro-Hortelão is waiting for a bread oven to arrive from Brazil, which will give additional jobs to the community. The bread making process will begin before dawn and will be much less strenuous with lights.

Although it is a very active association, it lacks the organizational resources to move forward. As the Association is currently running two successful income generating projects and providing micro-credit loans to the community a computer is essential. The treasurer of the Association has been taught, by a former Peace Corps Volunteer, computer skills. The Association is currently looking for funds to purchase a computer, but with the lack of the electricity possible funders are weary.

Fixed phone service in the community is inconsistence; most people own cellular phones. The Solar Panel will allow residents to charge their phones without leaving, decreasing another expense. Finally, the kindergarten students will be able to experience additional educational forms with access to a television.

RPCVw plans to donate $1,000 to the project and we need the support of our members to help us reach that goal! Any amount helps-please consider making a donation to support this project. We are raising funds from our membership and through our annual Partnership Reception which will be held June 26, 2008.


[edit] External References

Dinga, the kindergarten teacher.
This is the last day of the workshop teaching 14 women to weave the traditional scarves. With lights from the solar panel they will be able to work at night.
Ja, Te, Mininha, Asinda and Ana. This is the team of five women who make the jams.
Asinda is pouring goiba jam into the containers.
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