Teacher Training Vanuatu

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Teacher Training Vanuatu
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Project Type(s):

Region: Torba
Country: Vanuatu
Volunteer(s) Name: J Spencer
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Virginia
Funds community contributed: $1725.00
Percentage community contributed: 27%
Funds needed were: $4752.00
Funds requested were: $4752.00
PPCP #: 461-010
Year of project approval: 2005
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Info about the Teacher Training Vanuatu

The Provincial Education Officer, Zone Curriculum Advisors and Primary School Teachers within Torba Province are seeking assistance in providing adequate teacher training in 10 Anglophonic schools on 9 islands. They hope to achieve this goal by implementing a three step process:

Phase one: A new language program, Effective Language Unit, will be introduced to all schools.

Phase two: Head teachers from each school will attend a two week conference which will be run my teachers already effectively using the new language program. This will offer the teachers a chance to see the new program in action.

Phase three: Teacher trainers or the Zone Curriculum Advisor will visit each school to see how the new program is be implemented.

The overall objective of the project is to create a higher standard of teaching Language in the classroom to primary teachers.

Partnership assistance is requested to cover the cost of the two week training class and transportation costs.

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