Tapoeripa Sports Field

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Tapoeripa Sports Field
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Tapoeripa
Country: Suriname
Volunteer(s) Name: B. Moore
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Minnesota
Funds community contributed: $6209
Funds needed were: $3160
Funds requested were: $7528
PPCP #: 568-007
Year of project approval: 2001
Projects started in Suriname 2001 (1).
Tapoeripa Sports Field
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Info about the Tapoeripa Sports Field

The Tapoeripa community, located in the interior of Suriname, is seeking support for the creation of a sports field due to the unsafe nature of the existing hard clay ball field. The sports field will include a soccer / slapball field, volleyball and basketball courts, and a spectator stand. The field will provide schoolchildren from both local and surrounding villages with facilities to hold sports tournaments and to incorporate physical education into the school curriculum. The opportunity to participate in a variety of sports is important for the physical, mental, and social development of children and could help prevent adolescent risky behaviors. The field would also provide the women's and men's soccer teams of Tapoeripa a venue to compete in their home town. Homebased sports competitions would promote community pride and solidarity; provide a market for women to sell vegetables and other goods; and allow the community, who normally would not be able to travel to competitions due to high transportation costs, to support their team. Your assistance is necessary for obtaining cement, wood, soccer goals, basketball nets, and transportation. The Tapoeripa community will cover the costs for tools, sand, labor, and transportation.

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