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Eric-- About the programs with the countries: I think that would be too cluttery. Besides, next year, the rumor is that they are cutting down the number of departures, meaning that the programs each country has will usually ALL leave in the same departure. Either way, we just want this page up to see upcoming departures. This way, we can keep the page simple, but still let people see the countries departing for their nominated month and region.

About the past dates in the "By Country" listing; this particular page "Timeline" is for invites of only the current month and the future months. Past dates should be placed in the Timeline Archive. Each time a month ends, we will move the list of invites for that month from the Timeline page to the Timeline Archive page. However, the Timeline Page would also be where you put relatively recent (meaning probably since '05) past invitation/departures, but only if you specifically know them and are not just guessing. But for now, we'll probably leave the "By Country" listings as they are with both the recent past and present invites.

Hope that helps! --jenewalk 8 July 2008

Would it be too clutter-y to add programs with the countries and dates? Some countries send programs at different times, and it would help people trying to find their possible assignments. --A.Eriksen 20:19, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

How should we show past dates in the "By Country" listing? The way I see it, we can show them as in the past (as it is now with the year indicated) or just remove them entirely and let people know that past invite dates are in the archive. Any thoughts? --A.Eriksen 20:19, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

[edit] 6-Week Deadline Rule?


What is meant by the "6-week deadline rule" in the following sentence?

"Use the staging date, because that is what they use as the '6-wk deadline' rule."


Hyder hsyed1 at yahoo dot com

[edit] Ukraine 25th, not 27th

I'm staring at "Your Assignment" as I write this, and the Staging dates (in Philadelphia) are the 25th-26th of September, not the 27th. PST in Ukraine begins the 27th, unless for some reason they're overlapping two groups by a day. Do they do this? If not, updating the Invite list and the Staging City list would be useful as to not confuse others.

edit: I went ahead and changed the Staging date via the Ukraine country page. Someone, however, still has his or her Invite date as the 27th. Remember Staging is within the US, PST is in Ukraine.

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