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"You may feel isolated within your Volunteer group if there are no other Volunteers of the same ethnicity."

I'm not sure how that's meant. If the message here is: 'You may feel isolated if you encounter issues with Mongolian people concerning your ethnicity, and there are no other people in your group who are experiencing the same issue.' Then, that's perfectly understandable.

If, however, what is meant here is that a person may feel isolated if they don't have anyone else in their group that is their same ethnicity -- that's another kettle of fish. That's either a personal issue the volunteer has with their own prejudices, or it's a problem created by the group in that the group members may be expressing some level of prejudice because they're excluding the person who isn't "like them". Either way, it's a serious character issue that needs to be addressed! We're all Americans. We're all human beings.

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