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Trainees swear in as volunteers in Mauritania in September 2007.
I, [state your name], do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign, that I take this obligation freely and without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge my duties in the Peace Corps by working with the people of [the host country] as partners in friendship and in peace.

[edit] By Date

November 25 Peru
May 14 Honduras
January 4 Jordan
October 29 Guatemala
August 27 China
August 18 Cameroon
August 13 Sierra Leone
July 23 Bulgaria
June 26 Panamá
December 9 Azerbaijan
August 28 Madagascar
August 27 Swaziland
August 14 Paraguay
April 29 Morocco
January 1 The Gambia


December 22 Nicaragua
December 12 Ghana
December 12 Macedonia
December 12 Mozambique
December 12 Niger
December 11 Cameroon
December 10 Azerbaijan
December 10 Mozambique
December 9 Ukraine
December 9 Malawi
December 5 Peru
December 4 Togo
November 20 Nicaragua
November 14 Kazakhstan
November 7 Philippines
October 29 Belize
October 27 Liberia
October 27 Panama
October 9 Bulgaria
August 28 Swaziland
August 22 Cameroon
August 21 Togo
July 25 Nicaragua
July 24 Fiji
July 23 Malawi


December 5 Cameroon
October 18 Uganda
September 25 Niger
July 30 Guatemala
May 12 Senegal


August 25 Ecuador


June 15 Tanzania


August 23 Armenia


September 12 The Gambia

[edit] Current Events

The following is automatic RSS feed of Peace Corps Swearing-In Ceremonies
Ready to serve - Fiji Times
Ready to serveFiji TimesFIJI is exposed to lifestyle diseases and the presence of US peace corps volunteers will assist in the dissemination of the risks of these sicknesses to students. Acting permanent secretary Education Basundra Kumar made the remarks at the swearing-in ...
Peace corps volunteers take oath - New Era
Peace corps volunteers take oathNew EraOKAHANDJA ? Forty-eight United States of America (USA) peace corps volunteers last Thursday took the oath of service at a swearing-in ceremony held at Okahandja. The group that will serve Namibia for two years in various fields underwent nine weeks of ...and more »
PM officiates at swearing-in of 37 US volunteers - The Swazi Observer
PM officiates at swearing-in of 37 US volunteersThe Swazi ObserverUS Ambassador Makila James has commended the Peace Corps programme in Swaziland, saying it is one of the best in Africa. Speaking during the swearing in of 37 Peace Corps at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre at Ezulwini yesterday, the ambassador ...
Remarks at Peace Corps Swearing-in Ceremony - US Department of State (press release)
Remarks at Peace Corps Swearing-in CeremonyUS Department of State (press release)And when I heard I was swearing in 101 Peace Corps volunteers, I immediately thought of 101 Dalmatians. (Laughter.) I couldn't help it. Sorry about that. That has nothing to do with anything, all right? (Laughter.) And you certainly don't think of yourselves that ...and more »
Kerry: US reconsiders role in Mideast peace talks - WLFI.com
Kerry: US reconsiders role in Mideast peace talksWLFI.comU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (center) arrives at the Ministry of Youth and Sports to attend a Peace Corps Volunteer Swearing-in Ceremony in Rabat, Morocco Friday April 4, 2014. After the ceremony he is expected to meet with Morocco's King ...and more »
US envoy passes out 42 education volunteers - New Vision
New Vision
US envoy passes out 42 education volunteersNew VisionThe swearing-in ceremony was the culmination of eleven weeks of training for the 42 Peace Corps volunteers who received technical school-based training at Shimoni Core Primary Teachers College and Kira town council primary School in Wakiso district.
Ministry Swears in 41 Peace Corps Volunteers - AllAfrica.com
Ministry Swears in 41 Peace Corps VolunteersAllAfrica.comTHE Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has received a boost in the teaching sector after swearing in 41 US Peace Corps volunteers who will be working in different secondary schools across the country. The swearing in of the volunteers comes ...and more »
41 US Peace Corps to teach Science, Maths and English - IPPmedia
41 US Peace Corps to teach Science, Maths and EnglishIPPmediaSpeaking at the swearing-in ceremony also attended by former Peace Corps and officials from partner agencies, Ambassador Lenhardt urged the volunteers to be good envoys of the US and commit themselves to educating students and sharing cultural ...and more »
Peace Corps marks 50 years in Malawi - Enterprise News (blog)
Enterprise News (blog)
Peace Corps marks 50 years in MalawiEnterprise News (blog)Fifty years is usually recognized as a golden anniversary. This year Malawi joined with the Peace Corps marking the time when the US first placed the newly formed army of workers to address some of the health and educational needs of a struggling country.and more »
Thirty-Three New Peace Corps Volunteers Sworn In - AllAfrica.com
Thirty-Three New Peace Corps Volunteers Sworn InAllAfrica.comOn August 7, 2013, United States Ambassador Robert P. Jackson and the Secretary of State representing the Minister of Secondary Education presided over the swearing-in ceremony for thirty-three new Peace Corps volunteers at place des f [?]
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