Swaziland Primary School Plumbing

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Swaziland Primary School Plumbing
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Swaziland
Country: Swaziland
Volunteer(s) Name: K. Garcha
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Washington
Funds community contributed: $1763
Percentage community contributed: 25%
Funds needed were: $2393
Funds requested were: $5137
PPCP #: 645-067
Year of project approval: 2008
Projects started in Swaziland 2008 (1).
Swaziland Primary School Plumbing
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Info about the Swaziland Primary School Plumbing

A Primary School in rural Swaziland has been a center of education for its community residents for nearly one century. The campus has witnessed major structural improvements over its gradual history, most of which have taken place within the past five years. Because the school is situated in a low-income, rural community however, its facilities are still failing to support some of the basic needs of its users. Specifically the school’s staff and visitor toilet has become an urgent priority. Currently, staff members and school visitors share one pit latrine which is deteriorating and in major need of replacement.

The lack of proper toilet facilities is not only a problem for the school’s 14 staff members, but also for the hundreds of school visitors who frequent the campus every year, including parents, school committee members and participants of school and community functions. For many years now the Ministry of Education has designated the Primary School as a center for educational functions that involve students and staff from four neighboring public schools. These functions (many of which include workshops) occur multiple times a year, making the primary school a highly frequented facility. The school’s single, run-down pit latrine is inadequate for the number of individuals it is meant to serve.

In sight of the school’s pressing situation, the school community is proposing the construction of two new staff and four new visitor (two female and two male) toilets at the Primary School. As the project will ultimately benefit those who are directly involved with the school, the parents have agreed to take ownership of the project’s implementation, offering their contributions in the form of manual labor.

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