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Susan English
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Country Namibia
Years: 2004-2006
Site(s) Kavango
Program(s) Education
Susan English started in Namibia 2004
Jason Coleman, Karyn Diane Ellis, Susan English, Linsey McGrath, Jeremy Polio
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Karyn Diane Ellis, Susan English, Jeremy Polio, Amona White
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Jason Coleman, David Edwards, Karyn Diane Ellis, Susan English, Helene Hill, Joie Kallison, Linsey McGrath, Jeremy Polio, Kyrstin Scharninghausen, Amona White
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COUNTRY: Republic of Namibia

After going through a competitive application process Ms English was chosen to represent her country to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Namibia. Ms English arrived in Namibia on 19 October 2004 and went through an intensive 10 week training program. The program consisted of the following areas of concentration:

112 hours: This program is designed to introduce the candidates to the system of education on Namibia, from policy to practice, with an emphasis on the subject specific syllabus to be used. It was also a forum for generating and circulating creative teaching techniques and lesson plans, especially in the fields of Science and Mathematics.

22 hours: This course is designed to familiarize the trainees with the political, cultural, geographical and historical make-up of Namibia. The candidates were also encouraged to scrutinize their native culture for possible conflicts in values. It also focused on issues that volunteers may encounter while working in a post-apartheid country

64 hours: Because of the linguistic diversity in Namibia, this program is designed to teach the trainees a foundation of indigenous languages present in Namibia. Ms English successfully achieved the basic conversational use of Rukwangali by the end of training. Her language skills were adequate for basic communication and equipped her with the ability to utilize and further learn the language at her site.

Health and Medical
18 hours: This aspect of the training program focused on staying healthy and safe in a developing country

In addition to these courses, Ms English has participated in an In-Service Training course, and various regional subject trainings.

Having successfully completed the training program, Ms English was sworn-in on December 17, 2004 as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. She was assigned to teach mathematics and physical science in the Kavango region of Namibia at Maria Mwengere Senior Secondary School. This is a rural school serving the adolescents of several villages. Ms English reported directly to the principal of the school and was responsible for teaching the following courses:

Dates			Subject		Grade	No. of Students
January – December 2005	mathematics		11	41
January – December 2005	mathematics		12	42
January – December 2005	physical science	11	41
January – December 2005	physical science	12	42

Ms English was also instrumental in implementing and supporting a student-run a chess club for the students in her school, with a total of 20 members.

In January, 2006, Ms English transferred to the National Institute for Educational Development (NIED) in Okahandja. Under the directorate of the Ministry of Education, NIED works to improve the quality and relevance of education through innovative curriculum and materials development, and research in education and training. While at NIED, Ms. English accomplished the following:
• Developed Continuous Assessment Manuals for:
• Grades 5-7 Natural Science and Health Education (NSHE)
• Grades 8-10 Junior Secondary (JSC) Physical Science

These are 200 page manuals which include topic tasks and practical activities in line with the new Namibian syllabi to be implemented in 2007. • Edited and proofread 25 syllabi and ancillary documents
• Co-facilitated an international Mathematics Exhibition which traveled to all 13 regions in Namibia, impacting a total of 8 000 Namibian learners and their teachers.
• Co-facilitated workshops for all regions with respect to new syllabi for NSHE and JSC Physical Science, training workshop participants in the use of her Continuous Assessment Manuals and familiarizing them with the new syllabi. Ms English worked with a total of 160 Namibian teachers.

In addition to her work responsibilities, Ms English also helped with the training of new Peace Corps volunteers, attending 2 preparatory workshops along with other volunteers and Peace Corps staff; and facilitating 3 sessions for new Volunteers, introducing them to the new syllabi and Continuous Assessment manuals.

Ms English concluded her Peace Corps Volunteer Service on 27 November, 2006.

Pursuant to section 5(f) of the Peace Corps Act, 22 U.S.C. & 2054(f), as amended any former Volunteer employed by the United States Government following her Peace Corps Volunteer service is entitled to have any period of satisfactory Peace Corps service credited for purposes of retirement, seniority, reduction in force, leave and other privileges based on length of Government service. That service shall not be credited toward completion of the probationary or trial period of any service requirement for career appointment.

This is to certify in accordance with Executive Order No. 11103 of April 10, 1963, that Ms English served satisfactorily as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her service ended on 27 November 2006. She is therefore eligible to be appointed as a career-conditional employee in the competitive civil service on a non-competitive basis.

This benefit under the Executive Order entitlement extends for a period of one year after termination of Volunteer service, except that the employing agency may extend the period for up to three years for a former Volunteer who enters military service, pursues studies as at a recognized institution of higher learning or engages in other activities which in the view of the appointed authority warrants extension of the period.

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Jeffrey Millington Date
Peace Corps Country Director/ Namibia

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