Summer Camp (Albania)

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Summer Camp (Albania)
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Country: Albania
Volunteer(s) Name: W Bevins
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Colorado
Funds community contributed: $1649
Percentage community contributed: 62%
Funds needed were: $961
Funds requested were: $996
PPCP #: 304-013
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Summer Camp (Albania)

The Asta Center in Albania serves economically and socially disadvantaged children throughout the school year. The staff members of the Asta Center have prepared a camp so that the children and youth who frequent the center can continue to have a safe, friendly, engaging environment during the summer break.

The Center will be open twice per week for students to come for physical activities, informal lessons, and excursions. Some of the physical activities will focus on teaching the children to take care of their own health. The lessons will be interactive and will cover topics like environmental sustainability, gender relations, crafts, typing, local and global history and geography, human rights, volunteerism, nutrition, and other activities that will give them a useful way to spend their summer days. Students will have a chance to visit a important historical site in Albania, as well as the local beach, where they will be instructed in the importance of ecosystems around them.

Older students have been invited to help create the lesson plans and offer ideas about what they want to learn. The staff of the center will volunteer their time during the summer to work with the children. Students will receive healthy snacks while they are at the Center. Because Peace Corps Volunteers are involved, they will get a chance to practice their English and get exposure to some new teaching techniques, like journaling and games involving their imaginations. The students love participating in Asta’s activities and are looking forward to continuing their experiences into the summer.

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