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Steven Orr
Flag of Panama.svg
Country Panama
Years: 1964-1966
Site(s) Santiago de Veraguas
Region(s) Veraguas
Program(s) Education
Steven Orr started in Panama 1964
Steven Orr
Region: Veraguas
Steven Orr
Education in Panama:Education.gif
Steven Orr, David Peterson
Other Volunteers who served in Panama
Flag of Panama.svg
Ralph Blessing, James A. Brunton, Jr., Jeff Busch, Fdeworken, Steven Orr, David Peterson, Augusto Polit, Ronald Rivera, Jim Rouhan, Robert St. Germain, Jeremy Terhune, Steve Treacy, Gena Vossenberg Bernal, Emily Walters, Daniella Zanin-Pereira
Projects in Panama
Flag of Panama.svg
Business Plan Development Seminars, Captain Planet Ecological and Education Fair Panama, Chalite Community Center Construction, Community Center (Panama), Community IT Center Panama, Community Latrine Project (Panama), Community Park Renovation, Community Park for Youth Development and Environmental Conservation, Development of Tourist Welcome Center, EcoClub Manual, Ecotourism Project Embera Indian Tribe Panama, El Zapote Community Latrine, Latrine Project Panama, Quebrada Tula Rural Health Services Improvement, Rural Water Committee Training, Seeders Program, Small Coffee Farmer Business Training Panama, The Simple Necesity of Clean Water Kru Nikode, Panama, Water Catchment Systems
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Am I here by mistake? That's what the link seems to indicate. Am not sure what you want me to write. Try this: As PCV in Panamá during 1964-1966 I wore a number of different hats. As I was slightly older than the rest, I sort of fell into management roles. Such as: Worked closely with my counterpart - Emilio José Batista C. - of the Provincial Directorate of Education in Santiago de Veraguas. The Vocational School that we collaborate on became, eventually, the Central Provinces Branch of la Universidad de Panamá. Managed a 20-30 Club group of some 25 Panamanian youngsters attached to Peace Corps sites throughout the region. Assisted the National Library to distribute and establish about 45 libraries in schools, training the teachers in the Dewey Decimal System. Assigned by CD to map the country in terms of current PCVs and planned PCV sites, I was further assigned to work with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior in terms of scouting sites throughout the country for potential placement of PCVs.

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