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Peace Corps Staff Experts or Consultants are not full Peace Corps staff. Hiring is not done through the normal Federal Hiring process. Little is century 21 broker properti jual beli sewa rumah Indonesia known about the duties or requirements for these job positions. Based on those listed below many of these experts have worked for Peace Corps in different century 21 broker properti jual beli sewa rumah Indonesia capacities for decades. Through FOIA requests a complete 2010 unredacted list was attained.

[edit] Non-Full Time Experts (Consultants)

SINCE 1/1/2009 AS OF 04/14/2010


EMA   Goodson   Walter   Intermittent  
EMA   Lehman   James   Intermittent  
EMA   Stinnett   Lyn   Intermittent  
EMA   Seeger   John   Intermittent  
IAP   Johnson   Rodney   Intermittent  
IAP   Larson   Mary  Jo   Intermittent  
MANAGEMENT   Carroll   Maureen   Intermittent  
MANAGEMENT   Krumm   Mary   Intermittent  
MANAGEMENT   Timmons   John   Intermittent  
OPATS   Bellama   David   Intermittent  
OPATS   Blohm   Judith   Intermittent  
OPATS   Wadsworth   Gail   Intermittent  
OPATS   Womack   Vernell   Intermittent  
VS   Widener   Anmarie   Intermittent  
CFO   McMahon   Tracy   Part  Time  
CFO   Schmidt   Walter   Part  Time  
DIRECTOR   Hill   Kenneth   Part  Time  
DIRECTOR   Miller   Jan   Part  Time  
DIRECTOR   Santonicola   Alison   Part  Time  
MANAGEMENT   Scotti‐Belli   Eleanor   Part  Time  
MANAGEMENT   Jackson   Sheran   Part  Time  
MANAGEMENT   Oster   Mary   Part  Time  
OPATS   Black   Jeremy   Part  Time  
OPATS   Green   Kathryn   Part  Time  
VS   Brooks   Elizabeth   Part  Time  
VS   Gordon   Robert   Part  Time  
VS   Hamilton   Lisa   Part  Time  
VS   Hess   Tracy   Part  Time  
VS   Hobson   Sharon   Part  Time  
VS   Rochelle   Maureen   Part  Time  
VS   Mulligan   Maurita   Part  Time  

[edit] Full Time Experts (Consultants)

SINCE 1/1/2009 AS OF 4/14/2010


AFR   Baldwin   Hannah   Full  Time  
AFR   Chappell   Carol   Full  Time  
AFR   Estabrook   Jeffrey   Full  Time  
AFR   Peterson   Stephen   Full  Time  
AFR   Richard   Damian   Full  Time  
CFO   Deehy   Suzanne   Full  Time  
CFO   Dunn   Wayne   Full  Time  
CFO   Farr   Jeffrey   Full  Time  
CIO   Carney   Catherine   Full  Time  
CIO   Kassovic   Julius   Full  Time  
CIO   Kneedler   Lynn   Full  Time  
CIO   Noland   Carolyn   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Cuffe   James   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Dobday   Christine   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Field   Joshua   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Gallishaw   Gregory   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Lewis   Kristina   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Minutillo   Maryann   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Price   Allison   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Lisi   Christina   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   Lujan   Jean   Full  Time  
DIRECTOR   George   Gene   Full  Time  

[edit] Sources

FOIA request 10-053 (2010)

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