St. Aloysius Primary Teacher's College Computer Lab

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St. Aloysius Primary Teacher's College Computer Lab
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Ngora
Region: Eastern
Country: Uganda
Volunteer(s) Name: R. Heppner
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Minnesota
Affiliate organization: St. Aloysius Primary Teacher's College
Funds community contributed: $5350.00
Percentage community contributed: 44%
Funds needed were: $2889.00
Funds requested were: $6759.00
PPCP #: 617-024
Year of project approval: 2005
Project located: yes
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Info about the St. Aloysius Primary Teacher's College Computer Lab

St. Aloysius Primary Teacher’s College is located in Ngora, an area that is rich with many schools and institutions, although many of them do not have computers. The community is being held back by a lack of access to technology, information, and quality education. Educational challenges include a lack of textbooks and other learning materials, overcrowded classrooms, poor school environments, low teacher morale, and a lack of qualified teachers. The Ngora community is requesting assistance in order to establish a computer lab as a tool to face these challenges and improve the educational system in the area.

The computer lab will be used to train teachers, tutors, and students. The computers will assist schools in administration procedures and assist teachers in making quality educational materials. Computers will make resources such as the curriculum and other textbooks readily available to teachers and students. The computer lab will also give the surrounding community access to a plethora of information that they would otherwise not have access to.

Partnership funds will be used to purchase twenty refurbished computers, a laser printer, and a photocopy machine. The community is contributing the cost of the rooms for the computer lab, transportation and labor, as well as the ongoing costs of maintaining the computer lab.

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