Solar lighting for school

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Solar lighting for school
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Country: Burkina_Faso
Volunteer(s) Name: J Lynch
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Maryland
PPCP #: 686-078
Year of project approval: 2004
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Info about the Solar lighting for school

Bagare is a village of 2200 and is the main village in the department. It lies 150 kilometers from the capital. In Bagare the only building with lighting is the health clinic. Solar energy is the most cost-effective and low-maintenance method of energy and is currently in use at the clinic. Everywhere else lanterns are used for lighting. The community supports one elementary school and one secondary school. The Parent Student Association of the community has come to Peace Corps for assistance in funding and installation of solar power in the Secondary school to provide a place where students may study in the evenings, and to allow for adult literacy classes at night. Installation of the panels will include training for the director and teachers on maintenance and repair of the system. Boxes are being installed to enclose and protect the batteries. Once installed the Parent Student Association will be responsible for replacement bulbs and batteries. The success of this project will be used to measure the effectiveness of the Parent Student Association in creating and overseeing development projects. Donations of skilled labor, transportation of materials and other project costs are being donated by the Parent Student Association to create 25% of the overall funding of this project. 686-078

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