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Sewing Lab
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Country: Guyana
Volunteer(s) Name: E Farris
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Illinois
Funds community contributed: $405.41
Percentage community contributed: 28%
Funds needed were: $1037.52
Funds requested were: $1037.52
PPCP #: 504-006
Year of project approval: 2009
Projects started in Guyana 2009 (1).
Sewing Lab
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Sewing Lab
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Info about the Sewing Lab

This project is designed to equip the girls and young women of the community with a sewing laboratory, a safe and productive workspace, and a marketable life skill. This will be achieved through the purchase of sewing machines, instructional books, and teaching tools; the young women will then participate in sewing classes at the lab. In addition, two women will be trained as instructors and will begin co-teaching future classes with the Volunteer.

The community is committed to the success of the project, and has pledged support in a number of ways, including use of space at the local community center and assistance in designing and building necessary furniture. This includes secure storage cupboards and student workstations. The Peace Corps Partnership Program can assist the community by providing funding to purchase sewing machines and instructional materials that will enable us to create a sustainable and self-sufficient sewing lab. The community will ensure the continued success of the project by generating income through craft sales and jobs as seamstresses in the community, and the use of student-instructors who will continue to build their skills and teach lower-level students. Using the money the students earn through the sewing lab, the community can continue to provide necessary supplies for the project in the future.

This project has the ability to empower a group of young women and potentially provide them with a means of financial independence. It will also help develop a community that currently lacks significant opportunities for its young people.

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