Self Empowerment Girls Conference

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Self Empowerment Girls Conference
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Country: Costa_Rica
Volunteer(s) Name: D carlson
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Maine
Funds needed were: 4930
Funds requested were: 4930
Year of project approval: 2004
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Self Empowerment Girls Conference
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Info about the Self Empowerment Girls Conference

Peace Corps Volunteers in collaboration with PANI (Patonato Nacional de la Infancia -- Child Services) are organizing V.I.D.A.: Valuing the Individual and Developing Self-esteem: "Empowering Ourselves: Breaking the Cycle" the fourth national conference reaching out to teenage girls between 14-16 years. The population it intends to reach are those who are not attending high school or a technical institute, or at-risk for dropping out. Throughout a weekend of activities combining art, self exploration, teamwork and sports 80 girls from all over the country will have the opportunity to meet, share, and reflect on the topics of female leadership, developing self-esteem, and fostering healthy violence-free relationships. Conference workshops will be facilitated by Peace Corps Volunteers, Costa Rican professionals and community leaders. PANI is providing 25% of the Conference's total cost. Peace Corps is requesting funds to pay for participants lodging, food, t-shirts, and Volunteers transportation costs.

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