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School Libraries
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Project Type(s):

Country: South_Africa
Volunteer(s) Name: T Reynolds
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Wisconsin
Funds community contributed: $4181
Percentage community contributed: 52%
Funds needed were: $3721
Funds requested were: $3721
PPCP #: 674-055
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the School Libraries

Three schools in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province are in the process of creating useable libraries that will improve the levels of literacy at the schools. Currently, there are Grade 9 learners who cannot read or write and the educators and community members associate this deficiency, in part, to lack of resources with which to practice reading at home and in school. Each school has received a large donation of books (about 800 per school), but due to lack of funds, they have been unable to obtain materials for making a successful library (for example, a room, shelves, and materials for a lending system). Therefore, while children sometimes have an opportunity to look through books during break or in class, they are still having difficulties accessing the books on a regular basis, and are unable to take the books home. Both educators and parents believe that young people in the community will only improve their reading and writing skills with access to different kinds of books that thesis writing service fit a variety of interests.

It is with the aforementioned ideas that the community is requesting assistance from the Peace Corps Partnership Program to help with the purchase of materials to finish and construct three school libraries.

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