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Ronald Tschetter
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Country India
Years: 1966-1968
Site(s) Maharashtra
Program(s) Health
Ronald Tschetter started in India 1966
Laney H. Bancroft, Karen Brazil Breashears, Art Bunce, Lillian Gordy Carter, Terry Coleman, Ron Counseller, Brenda Jaudon, Ron Tschetter
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Laney H. Bancroft, Lillian Gordy Carter, Terry Coleman, Ron Counseller, Brenda Jaudon, Rasmith 10, Ron Tschetter
Other Volunteers who served in India
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Jane Albritton, Laney H. Bancroft, John Blum, Karen Brazil Breashears, Art Bunce, Edward W. Carlson, Lillian Gordy Carter, Terry Coleman, Ron Counseller, Rose Anne Crimmins, Michael Gannett, William Hellyer, Philip Holland, Brenda Jaudon, Barry Levinson … further results
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Ronald A. Tschetter (born October 4, 1941 in Huron, South Dakota) is the 17th and current Director of the Peace Corps.

Tschetter earned a bachelor's degree from Bethel University[1] in psychology and social studies.[2] After college, he and some friends traveled and thumbed around Europe, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. He returned home and met and married his wife Nancy. "One day we saw this Peace Corps ad and I said to Nancy, 'We're going to do this work stuff the rest of our lives. Let's go out and see if we can do some good,' " Tschetter says.[3] Although the couple wanted to serve in Turkey, Iran, or Afghanistan, Tschetter and his wife were assigned to teach family-planning techniques in Maharashtra,[4] India beginning in 1966.[3] "We lucked out. India was more different than any of them," says Tschetter. "Wow, what a country."[3] Over the years the Tschetters have returned to India five times to visit their friends.[3]

Once as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Tschetter traveled across India to deliver medicine to a village suffering from a small pox epidemic.[5] "Ultimately the village recovered," said Tschetter.[5] "And today, small pox is eradicated in the world and it's because of this and thousands of other experiences like it."[5]

Tschetter began his career in 1970 as both a retail and institutional investment executive with Blyth Eastman Dillon Union Securities.[2] He joined Dain Rauscher in 1973 as a broker and spent 28 years there primarily in management before he retired.[2] In 2004 Tschetter was named President of D.A. Davidson & Co., a full-service investment firm based in the Northwest.[2] Tschetter served on the Securities Industry Association Sales and Marketing Committee and the New York Stock Exchange Regional Firms Advisory Committee.[2]

The White House announced Tschetter's nomination on July 25, 2006[1] and Tschetter was confirmed as Director of the Peace Corps by the U.S. Senate on September 13, 2006 and was sworn in on September 26, 2006 becoming the third returned Peace Corps volunteer to serve as director and the first under a Republican Administration.[2] Tschetter had previously served on the National Peace Corps Association board from 1993 to 1999, as board chairman from 1995 to 1998 and as an honorary board member from 2000 to 2003.[2]

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