Robert Steele Davis

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Robert Steele Davis
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Country Nigeria
Years: 1966-1966
Group Code Nigeria 20
Site(s) Bori
Region(s) Eastern
Program(s) Education
Assignment(s) English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
From US state Pennsylvania
From US town/city Martinsburg
Robert Davis started in Nigeria 1966
Robert Steele Davis
Region: Eastern
Robert Steele Davis
Education in Nigeria:Education.gif
Robert Steele Davis, Dennis F. Goldstein, Clare McMahon Yates, Thomas Parks, Philip H Wagner, Monika de Vries- Nigeria
Other Volunteers who served in Nigeria
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Chris Collman, Robert Collman, Robert Steele Davis, Dennis F. Goldstein, Stanley Kowalczyk, Clare McMahon Yates, Diane Nitahara, Thomas Parks, Michael J. Schaal, Henry George Shine, Johnnes Vonfoerster, Philip H Wagner, Virginia Zink, Monika de Vries- Nigeria
Projects in Nigeria
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After four and a half months at a teacher training college, I was evacuated from Nigeria, debriefed at Peace Corps Washington and in September 1966 reassigned to St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean, to replace James Redmann, a PCV from Minot, N.D., who had drowned in the Atlantic. Doing essentially the work I was trained to do, I served until September 1967. I bought a Volkswagen Beetle, taught eighth- and 12th-grade English in Pennsylvania in 1967-68, married and moved to Montana, landing in a sportswriting career that peaked in 1976 at the Olympic Games. Later I resumed my work as an editor and sometimes writer, contributing to six different daily newspapers, all of which may be found today via My first wife died soon after we were divorced in 1991, and I was a single dad for six years. When I remarried in 1998 my educator wife suggested I work toward certification as a teacher, and I brought that credential back to Pennsylvania, where we have lived since 2004 in Harrisburg. I work most school days as a substitute teacher, filling weekends and the summer as a safety and security officer at Hersheypark.

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