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Robert S. Wright
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Country Botswana
Years: 1990-1991
Site(s) Maokatuma
Program(s) Education
Robert Wright started in Botswana 1990
Joel Fritzler, Robert S. Wright
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Projects in Botswana
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Pre-School, Primary School Library
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Mr. Wright is a member of the quality assurance team in EPA's Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division (APPCD) in Research Triangle Park, NC. He joined EPA in 2003. He provides quality assurance support to APPCD's researchers, including document reviews and assessments of technical and quality systems. He also participates in the audit program for EPA Protocol Gases and in the revisions of the traceability protocol for these gaseous calibration standards. He has 33 years' experience in a variety of technical areas relating to environmental science. His experience in quality assurance ranges from preparing quality assurance guidance documents to conducting accuracy assessments of gaseous calibration standards. He is the coauthor of EPA's guidance for technical audits of environmental data operations, for assessing quality systems, and for developing quality systems for environmental programs. Prior to coming to US EPA, he was an environmental scientist at RTI International where he conducted contract research involving quality assurance, instrument evaluation, environmental measurements, hazardous wastes, and atmospheric chemistry. He was an engineering technician at the Ohio EPA where he worked with ambient air quality monitors. Additionally, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana where he taught integrated science and mathematics in a junior secondary school.

Mr. Wright earned his B.S. degree in physics from the University of Dayton in 1971. He also earned a M.S. degree in environmental science and engineering from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1980. His master's research was a feasibility study for the use of a long-path, Fourier-transform, infrared spectrometer in an outdoor smog chamber.

Mr. Wright married Kathleen Barton in 2007. They live in Durham, NC with three cats.

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