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Robert Keith Werts
Flag of Dominican Republic.svg
Country Dominican_Republic
Years: 1995-1997
Site(s) Damajagua and Laguna Verde
Region(s) Montecristi
Program(s) Education,Education
Assignment(s) English Teacher/Training (TEFL),Environmental Education
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Robert Werts started in Dominican_Republic 1995
Shannon Micheel, Robert K. Werts
Region: Montecristi
Robert K. Werts
Education in Dominican_Republic:Education.gif
Joseph Acaba, Jay Heath, Robert K. Werts
Education in Dominican_Republic:Education.gif
Joseph Acaba, Jay Heath, Robert K. Werts
Other Volunteers who served in Dominican_Republic
Flag of Dominican Republic.svg
Joseph Acaba, Laura Bayne Turner, Wendell Blubaum, Dianne Brause, Chris Dodd, Chad Eppelheimer, Chuck Fleischner, John Greenough, Jay Heath, Joe Hunnings, Kay Hunnings, Tom Johnson, Janice F. Jorgensen, Roger LaBrucherie, Shannon Micheel … further results
Projects in Dominican_Republic
Flag of Dominican Republic.svg
Build Your Dreams: Youth Entrepreneur Project, Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), Celebrando el Sur Youth Conference, Ceramic Stove Project, Community Ambulance, Community Center, Community Library, Diversity and Leadership Youth Camp, Education: A New Hope for the Community, Environmental Mural and Education, Health Services and Health Education, Healthy Stoves, Latrine and Hygiene Education, Latrines, Library and Community Center, Primary School Library (Dominican Republic), Tidying up the Place, Youth Sports Camp
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I taught English to elementary and middle school-age children on biweekly basis in the village of Damajagua. I procured needed funds, labor and materials to construct a water collection tank, a school kitchen and a basketball court for the local elementary school in Laguna Verde. In Damajagua, I participated in procuring funds to build an adjoining wing for their local elementary school. I participated in two reforestation projects led by another education volunteer, built a new school latrine and successfully cultivated a school garden.

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