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Robert Dean Blackwill
Flag of Malawi.svg
Country Malawi
Years: 1964-1966
Robert Blackwill started in Malawi 1964
Robert Blackwill
Other Volunteers who served in Malawi
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Shelly Bankston, Robert Blackwill, Martin Giannini, Gary Gregory, Kwang Han, Leo Higdon, Thomas Laffey, Jamie lewis, Ted London, Kathryn MacGillivary, Kelly Orr (Johnson), Varina Rogers, Jennifer Rose, Kevin H. Souza, Spencer Martin … further results
Projects in Malawi
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HIV/AIDS Support Center, Health Center Replacement Pump, Honey Storage and Processing House, School Library (Malawi), Secondary School Teacher Housing, Small Business for Community Women
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About Robert Blackwill Robert Dean Blackwill (August 8, 1939) is an American lobbyist and retired diplomat. Blackwill was the United States Ambassador to India (2001-2003), and United States National Security Council Deputy for Iraq (2003-2004), where he was a liaison between Paul Bremer and Condoleezza Rice.

Blackwill was born August 8, 1939, in Kellogg, Idaho and grew up in Kansas. "From my boyhood on the Great Plains, I brought back east more than 30 years ago the values of Kansas and its people: honesty, candor, compassion, hard work, a dogged stamina in the face of challenge and adversity, a sense of humor, a recognition of one's own limitations, and a deep and abiding love of country, " Blackwill said in June 2001 at his Senate confirmation hearings to become ambassador to India. Blackwill earned a B.A. from Wichita State University.

Blackwill served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi from 1964 to 1966. While in the Peace Corps Blackwill served with writer Paul Theroux who Blackwill later described as "the glorious American writer who was my friend in the Peace Corps in Africa more than thirty years ago." In an interview with Rediff News on June 27, 2006 Blackwill was asked if he was still in contact with Theroux and replied "Not recently. But I just finished reading his new novel, Blinding Light. It is terrific."

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