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Rob Bettaso
Country Zaire
Years: 1979-1981
Site(s) Ngashi
Region(s) Bandundu
Program(s) Agriculture
Assignment(s) Fisheries Fresh
Rob Bettaso started in Zaire 1979
Rob Bettaso
Region: Bandundu
Rob Bettaso, David Frothingham, Doug Schultz
Agriculture in Zaire:Agriculture.gif
Rob Bettaso, Steven Culberson, Doug Schultz
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Projects in Zaire
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My name is Rob Bettaso and I first worked with the USPC from 1979-1981 as a "Freshwater Fisheries Extension Agent" in the village of Ngashi in Bandundu, Zaire. My training was in Norman, OK with Dr. H.P. Clemens. I returned to Africa with a friend in 1983-4 and we drove dirt bikes across the continent as part of a serious adventure.

From 1987-90 I was a fisheries tech trainer for various in-country stages in the Philippines.

I will add to my profile from time to time but will first see if this works.

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