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A Roadie is someone who travels with a group.

In the Peace Corps this is a specialized position, similar to "Best Boy Grip" in show business or a "Gopher" in other setting. The selection process is vigorous and is always done In-Country. While there are potentially many band members or thespians, there is usually only one roadie in a troupe. Please note that the number of traveling Peace Corp entertaining troupes has been low due to a complex set of factors.

Qualifications for a Roadie: A knowledge of engines, basic sound systems and appliances is useful. Successful candidates will have no aspirations for the stage, must understand different types of plugs and be a lucky problem solver. The superior candidate will have their own simple tools, be able to splice a live wire with their teeth, repair a circuit board with local materials and if necessary use low melt solder and a match to reconnect a loose resister in 3 minutes before a performance. Experience with accounting, bartering and local monetary customs is a plus.

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