Revitalizing Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Training Center

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Revitalizing Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Training Center
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Community Name: Guinagourou
Country: Benin
Volunteer(s) Name: S Goldman
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Washington
Funds community contributed: 3, 624
Year of project approval: 2003
Projects started in Benin 2003 (5).
Gouka Well Construction, Malanville Sports Center, Revitalizing Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Training Center, Textbooks for Students, Water and Hygiene Education
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Info about the Revitalizing Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Training Center

The Agricultural Training Center in Guinagourou was closed by the government two years after it was constructed, due to inadequate funding and mismanagement. This Center represents a huge opportunity for the agriculturally based Commune of Perere to teach the local population modern techniques for farming and animal husbandry. Following Benin's decentralization, the Mayor of Perere, with the help of the local NGO, GARPE, worked to reopen the Center to train rural youth and women's groups in sustainable agricultrue, animal husbandry, apiculture, fish farming, small food processing and agricultural and familial accounting. The Center will now be managed by GARPE with a five year goal of training a team from the community to manage the Center, without outside funding. Income from tuition and the sale of produce will fund operational and maintenance costs in the future. In order to get up and running, Peace Corps Partnership funding is requested to raise funds to re-equip the Center with vital farming equipment (such as bull, bull carts, rakes, hoes, pick ax, plow) as well as books and training materials necessary for the first year of operation and trainings.

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