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Resource Development
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Project Type(s):

Country: Mozambique
Volunteer(s) Name: A Kruzel
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Illinois
Funds community contributed: $563
Percentage community contributed: 29%
Funds needed were: $1325
Funds requested were: $1325
PPCP #: 640-010
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the Resource Development

This locally-started library project seeks to better the resources and training capacity of the Youth Training Center in a community in the Nampula province. With the generous help of local carpenters we have prepared several bookcases for a future library. However, considering the tremendous lack of printed goods available in Mozambique and the difficulty in finding printed texts in Portuguese, materials printed in Portuguese remain prohibitively costly and out of reach for the youth center’s small budget.

Unfortunately, the local district library has only a handful of books, which are mostly outdated and so damaged that they are illegible. Currently, the community has almost no access to relevant, current texts and information in Portuguese.

Therefore, we seek financial assistance from others to help our youth continue to learn about topics crucial to their personal well-being and the overall health of our community. Partnership funds will be used to buy texts written in Portuguese explaining personal health and hygiene, computers and technology, community activism, languages, international affairs, family planning, world history, and so much more.

With these texts, we are certain that the quality and scope of our courses will grow profoundly. We thank you for your time and consideration.

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