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Rent the Books
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Community Name: Akrpo-Misserete
Country: Benin
Volunteer(s) Name: M Pratt
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Alabama
Funds community contributed: 4, 872.00
PPCP #: 680-099
Year of project approval: 2005
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Info about the Rent the Books

There are 1500 students in the secondary school in Akrpo-Misserete, Benin, yet only 300 of these students have the required textbooks needed for school. The economy is based on agriculture and small commerce. One vital dependency that is fulfilled is education. This project's primary objective is to buy 2000 textbooks, then rent these books to students for a small fee.

This project was born after a round-table discussion between students and teachers, in which the lack of textbooks was cause for disillusionment among the students.The program will allow students who do not have access to textbooks to rent them for a small fee from the school library. The money collected will be re-invested with the library to purchase new textbooks.

Partnership funds will be used for the initial purchase of 2000 textbooks. The community will be contributing 36% cash of the total project cost.

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