Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)

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Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Soungassou
Country: Cote_d'Ivoire
Volunteer(s) Name: V Sady
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Connecticut
Volunteer(s) Home city: Manchester
Funds community contributed: $3, 450.00
Percentage community contributed: 29%
Funds needed were: $7, 650.00
Funds requested were: $8, 650.00
PPCP #: 681-038
Year of project approval: 1999
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Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction, Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)
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Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction, Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)
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Info about the Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)

The very ambitious community of Soungassou would like to renovate their existing two primary schools. Both schools are in need of major repair. The community is looking to repair the roofs, install ceilings, repair structural damage to the floors, replace their present unusable blackboards, install electricity in each classroom, and paint the two structures. In addition, they would like to build a latrine and thereby eliminate or reduce a health risk to the students. A final improvement planned for the school, which would improve the children's learning environment, is repairing existing desks and manufaturing new ones so that children are no longer forced to sit three to a desk. In addition, the benefits of the school renovation will be felt far beyond the immediate occupants of it. A by-product of the construction will be the transfer of knowledge and skills to a number of apprentices in masonry, carpentry, electric circuitry, and plumbing. Dedicated to providing a higher quality of education to its children, the community will provide materials and skilled and unskilled labor. The additional help from communities here in the U.S. can allow the Soungassou community to provide a safe, comfortable, and stimulating learning environment for its many students.

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