Primary School Library

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Primary School Library
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Community Name: Botswana
Country: Botswana
Volunteer(s) Name: M Snyder
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Illinois
Funds community contributed: $35865
Funds needed were: $8900
Funds requested were: $10630
PPCP #: 637-009
Year of project approval: 2008
Projects started in Botswana 2008 (1).
Primary School Library
Flag of Botswana.svg
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Info about the Primary School Library

This primary school library project is an initiative to make improvements to the pre-existing school library. The goal is to make it more learner-focused, with more hands on activities that will enhance English reading and speaking skills.

The library functions as it is but it could be improved with better quality equipment and furniture to encourage more use by students and teachers alike. Once these improvements are made, the hopes by the school and others that the library’s use will be extended to the community. This is crucial because all subjects at the primary school are taught in English and tests are written in English. The major challenge comes from the fact that most children in the area and surrounding areas know very little English. Even many of the caretakers speak little to no English so they are incapable of assisting their children with homework or studies. This project has the potential to get kids more excited about reading with the addition of new books and teaching tools and in turn increase overall knowledge in various subjects.

Education is a crucial factor to the prevention of HIV because those students who fail out or drop out of school, sometimes for something as implausible as a language barrier in their native country are more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as depending on others for money in exchange for sex, often unprotected. This project will hopefully, with the support of parents and teachers, get kids more excited about learning and enhance the likelihood that they will further their education beyond just the basic level because they have confidence in their own ability to succeed.

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