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The following are highlights from 2009 See others that have made the front page of the wiki:


[edit] 2009 Highlights

[edit] Week of August 2nd 2009

"This Twenty Point Plan to strengthen and expand the Peace Corps—drafted over four years by a couple of two-time Volunteers and circulated widely for comment within the Returned PCV community—proposes an ambitious road map for President Obama and Peace Corps Director- Designate Aaron Williams and his leadership team." Read more...


Cover page for the Ludlam and Hirschoff report

[edit] Week of June 7th 2009

2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey "The 2008 BVS results provide a picture of the activities, experiences and views of Peace Corps Volunteers in 2008. They show areas where Volunteers’ needs are met as well as identify areas where improvements may be needed."


PC2008BVS cover.jpg
Cover page for 2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey

[edit] Week of May 24th 2009


"This work includes an analysis of the organization’s recruitment strategies both textual and visual as well as an analysis of volunteer accounts of service. This study culminates in a look toward the future of the organization, in hopes of revealing the direction of the Peace Corps in the 21st century."

Download #1
Download #2
More dissertations... PhDCover.GIF Casey Malone Maugh
Doctor of Philosophy
Pennsylvania State University
December 2007

[edit] Week of April 21st 2009

The Insider's Guide to the Peace Corps: What to Know Before You Go "If you are interested in joining the Peace Corps, you probably have questions that run the gamut from "What is the application process like?" to "Is the Peace Corps effective as a development agency?" In this updated second edition, former Peace Corps Volunteer Dillion Banerjee shares candid facts and insights about the experience in a practical question-and-answer format."

Amazon.comGoogle Books(2nd Edition, 2009)

[edit] Week of February 1st 2009

<center>Nianjema Secondary School

"In the United States, a free public education is a right granted to every child. In Tanzania, however, limited facilities mean that only 20 percent of eligible students attend secondary school."

" Seeing this shortage firsthand, former Peace Corps volunteer Charlie Sloan Jr. (mechanical engineering '92), who had taught at a government boarding school and a private school in Tanzania, knew something needed to be done. At his father's suggestion, Sloan and three Tanzanian friends began construction of a school on a 15-acre plot in Bagamoyo, a port town on the Indian Ocean, and in January 2001, Nianjema Secondary School opened its doors to 90 students....." (more...])

[edit] Week of January 25th 2009

Peruvian Ghost Riding


"After attending 8 weeks of intense classes for Spanish, health and environment, the members of Peru 12, all hopped up on potatoes and rice decided to make their own Ghost Ride the Whip Video. We are proud to bring you Ghost Ride the Moto-Taxi."

Auto rikishaw power dance action brought to you by the current PCVs of Peru.

[edit] Week of January 4th 2009

Small Enterprise Development Project on the Island of Fogo, Cape Verde.

MyGuy Internet Café and Learning Center is a privately funded project designed to create access to the Internet for a community of 600 people. This will make community members, particularly youth, better equipped to seek opportunities for postsecondary education, and to compete in a modernizing economy. The café's physical space creates opportunities for computer and Internet literacy projects that will transfer more business management and ICT skills to members of the community.


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