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[edit] May 18th 2008

Spencermartin.JPG Current Volunteers: Spencer_Martin Malawi 2007 - 2009 "....I teach physical science, life skills, and P.E. at a small Community Day Secondary School (CDSS). I will be starting some IGAs soon to try and help my school build some housing facilities for the students...."(more blog...)
2000s: Jeremy Richart Armenia 2002 - 2004 ....trainer and heart of the Yerevan PC community, 2004-2006 contributed his DOS Statement on his experience as an Volunteer in Armenia.
1990s: Karyn Diane Ellis Burkina Faso 1997 - 1999 "I was an English Teacher in the small village of Diapangou, located in the eastern region of Burkina Faso in Fada n' Gourma. In addition to teaching English at the local high school (consisting of four rooms lit by louvered windows) I orchestrated an HIV/AIDS awareness theater competition for secondary schools in the eastern region, as well as arranging the planning and construction of a girl's dormitory that was lit by solar panels."
1980s: Lynn-Ann (Gruss) Steel Dominican Republic 1981 - 1983 "....After training we flew to the DR where I lived with my husband Joe in Rio Limpio first, dubbed the most beautiful site on the island (and also the most removed) with the best view (mountains and jungle) from our out-house."
1970s: Michael Hudson Liberia 1974 - 1975 "...Lesson's Learned....Great experience, great memories, great friends. Gives me pause weekly to relive my African experience. Has affected me politically, personally, and professionally."
1960s: Frederick_Baker Thailand 1964 - 1966 ".....Dr. Baker is presently an Emeritus Professor of Education in the Department of Education, College of Education and Integrated Studies at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. An international teacher educator"

[edit] May 11th 2008

Robert Dorion mauritania.jpg
Current Volunteers: Amelia S Is working with Food for the Poor as a civil engineer, doing lots and lots of CAD, also database development, water systems, sewer systems and housing projects.
2000s: Brett W Holt Armenia 2004 - 2006 has contributed his DOS Statement on his experience as an Environmental Education Volunteer in Armenia.
1990s: Robert Dorion Mauritania 1996 - 1998 was a Water Sanitation/Community Health Volunteer and he has shared his photos
1980s: Mary Anderson Flowers Jamaica 1981 - 1983 "It taught me that I could change agent anywhere... it's all about passion & acting on your passion."
1970s: Gerald Plotkin Cote d'Ivoire 1976 - 1978 served in Abidjan teaching English at the Teacher Training College (Ecole Normale Superieure) of Abidjan, conducting classes in conversation, American literature, and pedagogy.
1960s: Jonathan Berger Burkina Faso 1967 - 1969 served in Koupela and assisted villagers construct over 120 wells during a two year period.

[edit] Week of April 14th 2008

Peshkopi east panorama.jpg
Current Volunteers: Kenji Yamada has contributed an article and the panorama of Peshkopi, Albania.
2000s: Danai Long Armenia 2004 - 2006 has contributed an excellent article on the village of Akhurian.
1990s: Anjali Mahoney Morocco 1999 - 2001 was a Health volunteer and is currently a Family Medicine Resident in California.

1970s: John Graham Zaire 1975 - 1977 served in Bunia teaching English and Music.
1960s: Chris Collman Somalia 1967 - 1968 / Nigeria 1965 - 1967 was a roadie for a Peace Corps Rock & Roll Band

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