Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction

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Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Soungassou
Country: Cote_d'Ivoire
Volunteer(s) Name: V Sady
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Connecticut
Volunteer(s) Home city: Manchester
Funds community contributed: $3, 425.00
Percentage community contributed: 27%
Funds needed were: $8, 275.00
Funds requested were: $9, 275.00
PPCP #: 681-061
Year of project approval: 1999
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Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction, Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)
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Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction, Primary School Renovation (Soungassou)
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Info about the Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten School Construction

Soungassou is a small village located in the central part of Cote d'Ivoire with a rapidly increasing birth rate. Due to this high birth rate, the need for an adequate education infrastructure to service the community of Soungassou has become even more important. The community has identified the need for a pre-kindergarten/kindergarten school that will enroll kids of the ages 4,5, and 6. With such an early start to education, these children will have a greater chance at succeeding when they move on to primary, middle, and high school. The community is firmly committed to this ambitious project and will be providing some materials for the structure, labor of skilled and unskilled work, school furninshings, and housing for the incoming teachers. The government of Cote d'Ivoire is also committed to this project by supplying the necessary number of teachers and assuring their salaries. In addition, the benefits of the school construction will be felt far beyond the immediate occupants of it. A by-product of the construction will be the transfer of knowledge and skills to a number of apprentices in masonry, carpentry, electric circuitry, and plumbing. Having a goal and plan in mind, the community of Soungassou merely needs help in its execution.

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