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Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
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Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
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Volunteers Who Have Served in Pavlodar

Pavlodar - a great place to visit as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Also good to grow up in, but recommend leaving if you can!

Pavlodar (Kazakh and Russian: Павлодар) is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and capital of Pavlodar Province. It is located 350 km northeast of the national capital Astana, and 400 km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. The city has population of 300,200[1]. Majority of the population are ethnic Russians and Kazakhs with significant minorities of Ukrainians, Germans and Tatars. The city is served by Pavlodar Airport.

Pavlodar is considered a major travel hub for northern Kazakhstan, with their main bus station and train station located at the same spot. Please take note of the large, red "A" in front of the Avtovoksahl. There are also numerous shashleek stands on the right backside of the station that are cheap and tasty.

Sites and attractions of Pavlodar include the river embankment, central mosque, central square, Pavlodar Art museum, great live music at Erstes brewery/restaurant, a fine public library named after "Toragerev" (includes an American Cultural Center), numerous universities, the Pavlodar Irytish ice hockey and football teams, photography museums and a growing number of cafes and fine restuarants.

Pavlodar has an intriguing blend of Russian and Kazakh style with Russian usually winning out. There are numerous villages in the region that showcase some typical Central Asian lifestyles and lessons.

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