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[edit] Ybycui

Jennifer Bambauer, 1994-1996, Ybycui.

Bambauer Paraguay.jpg

"I taught classes and worked with teachers in elementary schools to create lesson plans dealing with environmental issues and basic concepts in ecology. Ybycui lies in the buffer zone around a national park/nature preserve, so problems affecting the town could affect the preserve. The major issues were deforestation, over-hunting, soil erosion and pollution. This map mainly shows the roads and major buildings in Ybycui and was purely for navigational purposes."

Hand Drawn Community Map

[edit] Asuncion

Elena Foshay, 2002-2005, Asuncion.

Foshay Paraguay.jpg

"They drew a map of the environmental problems in their neighborhood, like open sewers and places where people dumped garbage, and corners that were dangerous because of who was hanging out there. We used these maps to identify a couple of projects, including tree planting and getting the city to come haul away some of the trash."

Hand Drawn Community Map

[edit] Michael Berg

Michael Berg, 2005-2007, Paso Yobai

Game088.jpg Game116.jpg

"My project was all about maps. I led the creation of Paso Yobai's first cadastre. This is a property tax map and a registry of all properties. This map is printed and in an AutoCAD form. In addition, at the end of my service, I worked with local children to paint a world map on the wall of the downtown elementary school."

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