Paraguay Program for Technical and Financial Support 2009

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Paraguay Program for Technical and Financial Support 2009
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Project Type(s):

Country: Paraguay
Volunteer(s) Name: L. Gamble
Volunteer(s) Homestate: California
Funds community contributed: $14543
Percentage community contributed: 59%
Funds needed were: $3460
Funds requested were: $10000
PPCP #: 526-187
Year of project approval: 2008
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Paraguay Program for Technical and Financial Support 2009
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Info about the Paraguay Program for Technical and Financial Support 2009

This proposal combines the efforts of Peace Corps Volunteers, the Paraguayan Office of the Secretary of Women, and the Union of Small Business and Professional Youth (UPEJ). The purpose is to provide academic scholarships and technical training for 55 young women (and 10% of this amount will be for young males this year) between the ages of 15 to 29.

The project aims to increase the availability of means by which Paraguayan women can pursue their educational studies in diverse fields. A series of training opportunities will be provided for the scholarship recipients who in turn serve as representatives, in their respective communities, for the two Paraguayan organizations involved. The process will start with the publicity of application information including dates and contact information.

The selection process will start in November 2008 and will include representatives of the three organizations as well as qualified Paraguayan professionals representing NGOs and other public offices working with the same target group as the scholarship. The support will be communicated in December so that the beneficiaries will be able to use the funds for the 2009 school year.

This year the local contribution will be 59.1%. This includes all of the resources needed including financial support as a result of implementing a strategic local fundraising plan by the two partnering institutions involved. The amount requested from the OPSI will be 40.9%.

55 direct beneficiaries and approximately 265 indirect beneficiaries will be affected, fairly assuming that each direct beneficiary comes from a household of at least five people.

This scholarship responds to a great need and its sustainability is guaranteed in the short term because it relates directly to the two national organizations’ efforts and initiatives as well as to their specific field of work. Back

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