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Projects in Panama
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This page is a listing of all Projects in Panama.

If you served in Panama, please create a page on your project. Thanks!

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(20) Panama_projects in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: If you did a project in Peace Corps, please add your project to the Peace Corps Wiki, it's useful to identify the community in the "project name." If a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

Name of community was Name of region was Lastname Is from state Funds community contributed Funds needed were Funds requested were Year of approval was
El Zapote Community Latrine El Zapote Gross Nebraska 12931,293 2452640.52003
Community Park for Youth Development and Environmental Conservation San Jose Herrera Leung Maine 18481,848 36493,649 44814,481 2452640.52003
Chalite Community Center Construction Chalite Lincoln Michigan 14801,480 2453005.52004
Quebrada Tula Rural Health Services Improvement Quebrada Tula Bocas del Toro Bardouille-Crema Michigan 46764,676 18851,885 31103,110 2453005.52004
The Simple Necesity of Clean Water Kru Nikode, Panama Kru Nikode ?? 2454101.52007
Small Coffee Farmer Business Training Panama O'Brien Maine 11481,148 27202,720 28452,845 2454466.52008
Community IT Center Panama DeWorken-Eley Wisconsin 69306,930 14639.4614,639.46 17054.4617,054.46 2454466.52008
Captain Planet Ecological and Education Fair Panama Valm Washington 38803,880 23142,314 30643,064 2454466.52008
Latrine Project Panama Tolé Rai California 10101,010 11791,179 29992,999 2454466.52008
Ecotourism Project Embera Indian Tribe Panama Rockoff Georgia 18241,824 17241,724 2454466.52008
Seeders Program Panama Este
Atmos 2454466.52008
Business Plan Development Seminars Burr Texas 486486 14261,426 14261,426 2454832.52009
Community Latrine Project (Panama) Barta Florida 16801,680 25402,540 26402,640 2454832.52009
Development of Tourist Welcome Center Fritz California 14401,440 3176.473,176.47 3176.473,176.47 2454832.52009
Community Park Renovation Abeita New_Mexico 2099.222,099.22 16501,650 2304.952,304.95 2454832.52009
EcoClub Manual Harrington Oregon 400400 855855 10001,000 2454832.52009
Rural Water Committee Training Ashby Alaska 2197.42,197.4 4808.14,808.1 4808.14,808.1 2454832.52009
Water Catchment Systems Storey Maryland 1169.51,169.5 1468.251,468.25 3144.253,144.25 2454832.52009
Community Center (Panama) Langenhuizen Colorado 1301.951,301.95 2244.852,244.85 3844.853,844.85 2454832.52009

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