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Packing List for Uganda

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These lists has been compiled by Volunteers serving in Uganda based on their experience. Use it as an informal guide in making your own list, bearing in mind that experience is individual. There is no perfect list!
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This list has been compiled by Volunteers serving in Uganda and is based on their experience. Use it as an informal guide in making your own list, bearing in mind that an essential item to one person is a waste of space and money to another. There is no perfect list! You obviously cannot bring everything mentioned below, so consider each of the suggestion below and make certain bringing it makes sense to you personally and professionally. If you can’t imagine why you would use an item on this list, you probably never will. As you decide what to bring, keep in mind that you have a 80-pound weight limit on baggage. And remember, you can get almost everything you need in Uganda, including made-to-order clothes. Also note that you will be responsible for carrying all of these items through airports, on crowded buses, and through large cities. Luggage should be lightweight but sturdy, lockable, and easy to carry. As mentioned earlier, Ugandans place great emphasis on being well-groomed and appropriately dressed. When it comes to dress, it is best to err on the conservative side. Tight, torn, revealing, and skimpy clothing is unacceptable. Women’s skirts should be below the knee, and slips are a must. Most Ugandan women do not wear sleeveless garments or trousers in the workplace. For men, button-down shirts are a must for work; T-shirts are not appropriate as professional wear. Do not bring military- or camouflage-style clothing.

The climate in Uganda is pleasantly moderate, although it can be quite cool at night and in the rainy season, especially in the hilly areas. In choosing clothing, remember that you will be washing clothes by hand, that it can take a long time for items to dry in the rainy season, and that dark clothing is better at hiding mud and dirt.


[edit] General Clothing

[edit] For Women

[edit] For Men

[edit] Shoes

[edit] Personal Hygiene and Toiletry Items

[edit] Kitchen

You will be given a modest settling-in allowance after training to buy household items in Uganda, and pots and pans, dishes, cups, basins, cookers, and lanterns are widely available. You might want to send some food items to yourself before you leave, such as powdered drink mixes, granola bars, chocolate that won’t melt, and your favorite spices (many spices are available here, especially Indian ones).

[edit] Miscellaneous

Note: Do not bring a mosquito net; Peace Corps/Uganda provides these.

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