Packing list for Lesotho

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Packing List for Lesotho

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These lists has been compiled by Volunteers serving in Lesotho based on their experience. Use it as an informal guide in making your own list, bearing in mind that experience is individual. There is no perfect list!
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People preparing to come to Lesotho are, of course, interested in finding out what items and clothing they should bring. The problem in preparing such a list is that even the best suggestions are subject to variations and changes, depending on your personal interests and style. There is no perfect list! In the past, many Volunteers have regretted bringing half of what they packed. Almost everything you could want or need is available in-country, so do not load up on a lot of basic items.

Volunteers must prepare themselves for extremes in climate (up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and below freezing in winter). You may have to discard a lot of preconceived ideas of Africa, including visions of hot, steamy jungles. Sweaters and coats are a must because there is no central heating, and buildings get very cold when nighttime temperatures drop below freezing. Some buildings have fireplaces or heaters, but they typically heat only a small area. All clothes should be washable and comfortable. You will most likely do your laundry by hand in cold water, so bring clothes that can take that kind of treatment. There is a lot of wind, dust, and dirt, and clothes need to be washed frequently.


[edit] General Clothing

Rain Boots can also be purchase in Lesotho, they are a national staple.

[edit] For Men

[edit] For Women

[edit] For Both Genders

[edit] Kitchen

Travel coffee Mug/Thermos

[edit] Miscellaneous

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