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Sep-20 Saturday Recently Returned Party/Grill Berkeley
Remember the shock of becoming a [?]
Sep-23 Tuesday Story Telling Workshop San Francisco
Halloween is almost here and that means two things. First, it's time again for those scary stories around the water cooler, of candy-crazed kids and botched costumes. And second. We're putting on another storytelling workshop! The question is will you be listening to your co-worker's spooky stories this season. Or will they be listening to yours? Who is a storytelling workshop for? Anyone who wants to get better at telling stories. < [?]
Sep-24 Wednesday Happy Hour with MIIS PC Club Monterey
The Peace Corps Club at the Monterey Institute of International Studies invites you to an extended happy hour hosted by Cibo Restaurant on Wednesday, September 24th, from 4-8. Cibo will offer $3 wells, beers, wine, and tasty small bites menu. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to the Peace Corps Club to fund local volunteer events, global awareness raising activities, and care packages for currently serving volunteers. [?]
Sep-26 Friday South Bay Social Mountain View
RPCV dinners are a good opportunity to meet other people, whether they returned last week or 50 years ago. Share your stories, meet new friends, hang out with old friends, and more. Anyone welcome; feel free to bring your friend, SO, mom, neighbor, whoever, so long as they don't mind listening to people speak in Peace Corps acronym. This will also be an unofficial planning meeting to prepare for doing another story jam in the South Bay in November. If you're interested in learning more about [?]
Sep-26 Friday SF RPCV Social - Primo Patio San Francisco
For our monthly SF RPCV Social, we'll be trying out a new place. Primo Patio is a Caribbean Restaurant, located right near AT&T Park. It's a game night, but we'll be making a reservation to make sure we have a spot. It's a little, hidden place with a patio, a bar, and tasty Caribbean food. Come for food, come for drinks, come to hang out with other RPCVs. Just returned last week? Welcome home! Came back 50 years ago? Come share your stories. Meet new friends, hang out with old friend [?]
Sep-30 Tuesday Potluck & Czech movie Richmond
Join us for a potluck and Czech movie "Autumn Spring". From Amazon, "this sweet czech film is about an old man who refuses to join the cult of "waiting for death" that most of the aged around him, included his wife, seem to think is the only appropriate way to be. He and his buddy are terminal pranksters who try to milk every bit of fun out of their existence as they can, much to the consternation of his family, who wants him to settle down and act like his life is over. This is truly touchi [?]
Sep-30 Tuesday Country Presentation Practice San Francisco
In preparation for the new school year NorCal is hosting a country presentations practice. The practice session is a collaborative environment where participants have the chance to give a short, 10 minute, presentation then the group will provided feedback on what they liked about the presentation and suggestions how to improve it. It [?]
Oct-6 Monday Business Solution to Poverty San Francisco
HURRY TO GET YOUR TICKETS, AS THIS PROGRAM IS NEARLY SOLD OUT!!! At 6:00 p.m. on October 6, 2014, the Commonwealth Club of California in association with the NorCal Peace Corps Association will present, [?]
Oct-8 Wednesday Peace Corps Ukraine Panel San Francisco
Five recently returned Peace Corps volunteers who served in diverse regions around Ukraine discuss the lives they shared with the people in their communities. In big cities and small towns, east and west, the daily interactions of these volunteers put a human face on the peoples, young and old, living in a country facing an uncertain future. Julia Lee, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Ukraine 2011-2013 Jing Li, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Ukraine 2010-2012 Kyle Borley, Returned Peace Co [?]
Oct-9 Thursday Potluck in Santa Rosa Santa Rosa
Join the North Bay RPCVs, hosted by Anne Fitzgerald (Costa Rica 64-67), for a potluck dinner in Santa Rosa. Anne would like to invite folks to bring a book or an article about their region or country of service. It can be fiction or non-fiction, simply something written by an author from their country/region of service that can be shared with the group. If you don't have a book or article, however, do not let it deter you from joining! Please RSVP to Anne at Whether [?]
Oct-11 Saturday Point Reyes Service Day Olema
Join NorCal and the National Parks Service in one of NorCal [?]
Oct-13 Monday NorCal Board Meeting San Francisco
NorCalBoard Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. All NorCalPCA members are welcome to our NorCal Board meetings. Come find out what is going on with the organization and how you can help. [?]
Oct-14 Tuesday Guatemala RPCV book & food Berkeley
Join us for a discussion of a Guatemalan RPCV book, When I was Elena by Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand and Latin American food at Platano (easily accessible to Downtown Berkeley BART). When I Was Elena is an extraordinary account of a young American woman's sojourn in the guerrilla-infested mountains of Guatemala. Shattering the concept of a typical memoir, the author's personal story is interlaced, chapter-for-chapter, with tales told from the perspectives of seven indigenous women she encountere [?]

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Northern California Peace Corps Association

The NorCal Peace Corps Association has been rumored to be the second largest association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, second only to the Washington DC Peace Corps Association in terms of size and membership. It is a National Peace Corps Association affiliate group. Current membership is around 400. There are 8 email listservs and an electronic newsletter - all of which can be subscribed to from the NorCalPCA website.

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